Monday, April 12, 2021

Virtue Signalling From The U.S. Navy

Gun Free Zone: The US Navy falls to virtue signaling 

This is from the official Twitter account of the US Navy: 

They put a mask on the eagle. A fucking mask on the Eagle of the United States. 

The same US Navy that once got sunk at Pearl Harbor, turned around, rebuilt the fleet, then put the entire Tojo navy on the bottom of the ocean in four years. The same Navy that braved the Nazi U-Boats of the Atlantic to supply the war effort in Europe. The US Navy that prepared at a moment’s notice to rain thermonuclear death onto the Soviet Union from the cold, pressing, silence of the deep.  

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WNU Editor: This is not your grand-father's navy.


Anonymous said...

Not my navy, either. It's been a long way down, but the last few meters will rush by quickly. Salute to what could have been. It's been quite a party, Woodrow.

Anonymous said...

This Navy is so sunk, just doesn't know it yet.

Anonymous said...

It is the navy's way of encouraging steps to be taken to defeat the current enemy: the coronavirus
Badmouthing our navy is easy for those not now serving or those who recall romantically the good old days that were so fine but which they got out of rather than putting in 20years. I have full faith in our armed forces and if you do not, move to another nation where you can support what they have

Anonymous said...

Oh look, someone is almost using complete sentences and has written a paragraph. They are also using capitalization and punctuation. The Adderall must have kicked in this morning. Don't worry, it will not last long. Shortly, xer will be back to short, choppy sentence fragments uttered by a semi-literate hack voter.

"move to another nation where you can support what they have"

I might do that keeping my American citizenship of course. The Maryland legislature just passed an anti-police bill. On the article, where I read about it, I looked at the comments. Some people commented that Baltimore would get worse. Others opined that Baltimore could get no worse. What will happen they said was that the rest of Maryland would get like Baltimore.

BTW corn eater, you served less than four years and your major accomplishment was ensuring your 'buddy' caught VD from a street walker.

anon said...

Even hummingbirds don't wear masks.