Monday, May 17, 2021

Israel Shells Southern Lebanon After Six Rockets Were Fired At Israeli Territory


Reuters: Israel shells Lebanon after failed launches toward Israeli territory -Israeli military 

TEL AVIV/BEIRUT (Reuters) -Six shells were fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel on Monday but fell short of crossing the border, the Israeli military said. 

It said that in response, artillery was fired at "the sources of the launches" in Lebanon. 

A Lebanese security source said shells were heard being fired from south Lebanon and efforts were being made to identify the location. 

The source said about 22 shells were fired by Israeli artillery on Lebanese territory. 

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon said it had detected rocket fire from around Rashaya Al Foukhar in southern Lebanon.  

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WNU Editor: I do not see the Israeli - Lebanese border blowing up. Lebanon is on the verge of becoming a failed state, a new war would just push it over the edge.

More News On The Recent Flare-Up On the Israeli-Lebanese Border  

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Six rockets fired from Lebanon fall short of Israel border; IDF hits back -- Times of Israel  

IDF shells Lebanon after claiming rockets launched toward Israeli territory2 -- RT


Anonymous said...

I 4 see dangerous madman

RussInSoCal said...

Yeah. Its just so terrible. Every single NGO that funds Hamas - and the Hamas pigs - are directly responsible for this war.



fred said...

Hamas get its rockets from Iran
Lebanon controlled by Hezbollah, via Iran

Anonymous said...

your lover boy Barack Hussein

Anonymous said...

Iran's aggressions through Hamas are DIRECTLY FUNDED by Democrats

Anonymous said...

You were too harsh on Fred 8:54.

The stars lined up just so and Fred had a once in a life time epiphany. He isn't likely to have another. Instead of mocking him we should literally have a victory parade down main street for his personnel best to date.

... complete with participation trophy.

Anonymous said...

dear misfit: Obama did not give money. He returned what was rightyfully there so as to get a treaty. Trump broke the treaty. What have we instead from the stupid actions of a stupid trump?
ps: fuck you

Anonymous said...

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has spent months accusing President Biden of pushing excessive government spending, denouncing it as “socialism.” But a Washington Post analysis finds that McCarthy’s constituents are among those who have benefited most from the very programs he’s decried, with high poverty levels and a younger population creating acute needs for individual and family aid.

An unusually large share of children in McCarthy’s district stand to benefit from the expanded child tax credit included in the American Rescue Plan he opposed — more than 93 percent, the seventh-highest proportion in California, according to figures reviewed by The Post.

Even as McCarthy has railed against the extension of enhanced unemployment benefits in the law, his region has been among the slowest in the state to recover from the pandemic-induced economic crisis. The unemployment rate in his region was still at double digits in March, while it had fallen into the single digits in California and the nation as a whole, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Image without a caption

Anonymous said...


Obama gave 'sanctioned money' to Iran. It was not obligated to do so. It is only obligated morally, ethically and legally at some future point in time. If there was a governmental change in Iran and they were no longer hostile to the U.S. and fomenting wars

(i.e. "Hamas get its rockets from Iran ... Lebanon controlled by Hezbollah, via Iran")

The U.S. would be obligated to give it back immediately. Well, as you pointed out the current government is fomenting war via Hamas and Hezbollah. Add to it the Iraqi Shia militias. Syrian militias, supplying the Houthis and blowing up Jewish community centers in Buenos Aires and the U.S. was under no obligation to give the money to Iran, when the dastardly Barack did.

You know this, so in my opinion you are more evil than Charles Manson. I've read about Manson's childhood. What is your excuse? Your mother dropped you on your head or a hooker gave you syphilis?

Anonymous said...

"He returned what was rightyfully[sic] there so as to get a treaty. Trump broke the treaty. "

What treaty do you speak of Sith Fred???

Did the Senate approve the treaty? No.

Did Obama submit the treaty to the senate? No.

U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 2, Clause 2

“He (the President) shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.”

PS: Never seen the word "rightyfully" before. Did you pull it out of your ass?

Anonymous said...

If Trump takes all American forces out of Germany and Africa by his decree (it failed) that is ok? but when Obama agrees to a treaty that is not ok?

The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 (INARA) (H.R. 1191, Pub.L 114–17) is a bill that was passed by the US Congress in May 2015, giving Congress the right to review any agreement reached in the P5+1 talks with Iran aiming to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

The bill passed in the Senate by a 98–1 vote (only Tom Cotton voted against), and then passed in the House by a vote of 400–25 on May 14.[1] President Barack Obama threatened to veto the bill, but eventually a version arrived that had enough support to override any veto and Obama did not try vetoing it.

Larry Klayman filed a lawsuit, alleging that the law was an unconstitutional abrogation of the Senate's Treaty Power. The lawsuit was dismissed for lack of standing.[2]

fred said...

Fred sez:

Anonymous said...

"If Trump takes all American forces out of Germany and Africa by his decree (it failed) that is ok? but when Obama agrees to a treaty that is not ok?"

How much shit did you eat today? I am asking, because you are making less sense than normal.

The US is under treaty obligation, a treaty ratified by the senate, to defend NATO member Germany. The treaty does not stipulate where US forces are to be stationed. Many of forces to defend Germany and other NATO countries are actually stationed in America. It is why we had exercises like Reforger from 1968 to 1993.

Germany might be better off in case of war if American forces were stationed in Poland instead of Germany.

Now show us the treaty, where it say we must station troops in Germany.

PS: How was your doctor's visit Monday?

Anonymous said...

1. who won the last presidential election? do we know this?
3. If you believe Trump won, why did he pack and leave ?
4. What evidence can you provide to show Trump was the legal winner?

Anonymous said...

We are in NATO because Russian aggression is well known except to butt licking Trump, and our advisors and military experts all agree to this alliance with our allies. Trump dismissed all of this since he is Putin lick spittle. IT DID NOT WORK. Now read up and ask why it failed to work. Trump's "plan" was as well carried out as his promised Health Care and Infrastructure promises

Anonymous said...

Quit projecting. We do not want to know your disgusting habits.

Trump pushed and pushed hard to get NATO to spend more n military defense and live up to their treaty obligations. The Bamster never did.

Asslicker, explain to us how NATO having a bigger, better funded military makes it weaker against Putin.

Anonymous said...

Trump wanted us out...while losing election and packing his undies...see google. He wanted us out of Africa etc with no regards for intel, incoming president, advice
It was a rash thing that never got carried out. Now discover why he failed in this too!

Anonymous said...

Sop you gave up on your Trump/Germany lie. You are making progress little parrot. Maybe some day in the far future your IQ will increase and you will be as smart as a 2 year old.

Anonymous said...

first; who is the legal president of the U.S.?
Trump or Biden
name the person and how do you know
any and all bullshit you post will not be answered till such time as you answer that

Anonymous said...

first; who is the legal president of the Belarus?
Lukashenko or Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya
name the person and how do you know
any and all bullshit you post will not be answered till such time as you answer that

Anonymous said...

The legitimate president is Trump
I've seen many elections. This one was stolen, corrupt, pathetic and embarrassing.
Everyone in Europe watched and thinks like me, saw the poll watchers being kicked out and shouted at and harassed by Democrat partisans. Everyone saw the windows being blocked. Everyone saw the middle of night action. Everyone saw the suppression pills ahead of the election. Everyone saw the statistical anomalies/ impossiblities. Everyone saw how Twitter and Facebook and the MSM, except fox, stopped crucial information from coming out, by famously blocking the new York post story. Everyone!

For you to defend this theft, this slap in the face of your rights is just...
Go along Roth it, your choice. But don't you find it odd that to this day Democrats are resisting recounts, signature checks and any oversight?
It was stolen. By your team, alright. But Just be honest.