Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 18, 2021

IDF soldiers engage in operational activities in relation to Israel-Gaza violence. (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT) 

 Jerusalem Post: 'Israel has enough targets to keep striking Hamas in Gaza' - IDF officers 

As the international community pushes for a ceasefire, the IDF is ready to keep going. 

As the fighting between the Israeli military and terror groups in the Gaza Strip continues, officers from the IDF’s target bank are working day and night under fire to provide the military with what it needs. 

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post from southern Israel in between incoming rocket sirens, Maj. T., head of the Surface-to-Surface Rockets and Mortars Department, said his team has been building its target bank for over a year-and-a-half with officers from the Air Force, Military Intelligence and the Artillery Corps.  

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 18, 2021  

IDF believes it significantly hurt Hamas, and that’s the best it can do for now -- Times of Israel 

 IDF official says Gaza operation a ‘success’ if it yields calm for 5 years -- Times of Israel  

What is Israel’s Iron Dome and how does it work? -- SandBoxx  

Pentagon chief reiterates 'ironclad' support for Israel in call with counterpart -- Reuters  

USS Ford Heads to Shock Trials With 4 Broken Elevators -- Forbes  

Elevators aboard USS Gerald R. Ford to be fixed after shock trials -- UPI  

USS Gerald R. Ford Returning to Newport News this Summer for Modernization Work -- Military.com/Daily Press (Newport News, Va.)  

Marines Sank a Moving Ship from a Drone Truck -- Military.com  

Fast and Furious: Army to Test Laser Weapon -- Stars and Stripes 

 B-52s Simultaneously Operate in Europe, Middle East, and Indo-Pacific Theaters -- Air Force Magazine  

These Are the 5 Planes Vying to Be AFSOC's New Armed Overwatch Aircraft -- Military.com  

Air Force to focus 2022 construction funds on Europe, Pacific and nukes -- Air Force Times  

Air Force, Lockheed start F-16 production for foreign sales in South Carolina -- UPI  

Navy’s Triton Drones to Join Air Force Global Hawks in Japan -- Stars and Stripes  

Liftoff to orbit in under an hour: Space Force launches missile warning satellite -- C4ISRNet  

Skyborg autonomy core system has successful first flight -- US Air Force  

US Army aviation exercise unveils unprecedented progress as service preps for future war -- Defense News  

More Female Soldiers Are Passing the ACFT, But Their Scores Still Trail Men's -- Military.com  

Head of Pentagon’s ‘SWAT team of nerds’ stepping down -- Politico  

Pentagon weighs keeping Trump-era change to ‘psychological operations’ -- Politico

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy higher among soldiers, Black service members, study shows -- Military Times  

Pentagon pushes back on report of anti-extremism social media surveillance program -- Military Times

Lawmakers propose $200 million for new Guard quick reaction force to aid Capitol security -- Militarty Times  

Blinken Warns Of Militarization Of Arctic Ahead Of Key Meetings In Europe -- RFE  

Special Operations Forces Bracing for Arctic Missions -- National Defense Magazine  

As Afghanistan War Ends, General Sees New Opportunities for Special Operations -- Military.com 

 U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is up to 20% complete amid Gaza violence -- UPI  

‘They are absolutely going to kill us’ — Afghans who helped the US fear being left behind -- Military Times  

U.S. Navy drones to move from Guam to Japan -- UPI  

Army Brigade Commander Fired After Personal Misconduct Investigation -- Military.com 

 Soldiers Who Perished on Secret Mission in 1962 Are Memorialized -- Stars and Stripes  

Navy launches exercise with North African partners as migrant deaths in the Mediterranean soar -- Navy Times  

U.S. Navy, NATO begin missile exercises off Scottish coast -- UPI  

USS Curtis Wilbur transits Taiwan Strait -- UPI  

Taiwan unveils Army restructure aimed at decentralizing military -- Defense News  

The evolving nature of China’s military diplomacy: from visits to vaccines -- Meia Nouwens, IISS  

Russia’s Armed Forces Test Combat Readiness Close to Ukraine’s Border -- RCD  

Russian Senate to Discuss Withdrawal From Open Skies Treaty on 2 June -- Sputnik 

 Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Agree To Joint Security Controls Along Disputed Border -- RFE  

Emirati shipbuilder receives record $1B order for Navy ships -- Defense News

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