Thursday, June 10, 2021

French President Macron Wants The G-7 To Liquidate Its Gold Reserves To Fund A Bailout For Africa

Financial Post/Reuters: France's Macron calls for agreement on financial aid to Africa  

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron called on Thursday on G7 nations to find an agreement as part of efforts to reallocate $100 billion in International Monetary Fund (IMF) special drawing rights to African states. 

Macron told a news conference he would like the sale of gold reserves to help finance this planned aid for Africa. (Reporting by Sudip Kar-Gupta; Writing by Matthieu Protard Editing by Gareth Jones)  

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Update: France's Macron Urges G-7 To Sell Gold Reserves To Fund Bailout For Africa (Zero Hedge)  

WNU Editor: The African continent is one of the most corrupt places on earth .... Are African countries preventing corruption and prosecuting related crimes (Transparency International). 

But we now have the French President talking about establishing a $100 billion dollar fund to bail them out by liquidating his own country's wealth!?!?!?! And that the other G-7 countries should do the same?!?!?!? 

Insane is the word that comes to my mind right now.


Anonymous said...

I still have a difficult time believing Ringling Bros., Barnum & Baily is no longer in business. It appears the clowns have simply changed work clothes.

Anonymous said...

Notice how it is onto the next BIG Idea? In WNU's next blogpost " Deutsche Bank Warns Inflation Is A Global ‘Time Bomb’ " This is on the heels of the havoc caused by the official response to COVID.

So long as a leader like Macron have the next slogan, the next campaign, the next vision it is always onwards, if not upwards. It is never the results of the previous 1 to 3 efforts.

I haven't seen anyone called Macron as Macaroni for a long while>? It is when you think they are bad, but not totally awful and you want them defeated the next election and you have a little fun with it. We are beyond it. It has progressed to a per forma slap. It will progress more, because the French Elite simply will not listen.

About 5 years ago the French elitists told the news anchors to stop reporting on the number of cars burned during the summer. If the problem is not reported than the politician cannot be voted out of office. Simples.

It is going to go beyond a slap.

Jac said...

Macron is worse and worse. You know how much I appreciate Erdogan...but there was a time he was right: Macron is mentally sick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he is. He likes old ladies.

Daniel said...

I hope it helps, though even if it doesn't, it would sap those European lunatics' global influence, which can only be a good thing.