Thursday, September 23, 2021

24 Chinese Warplanes Enter Taiwan's Air Space

China has flown 19 aircraft into Taiwan's air space, including 14 fighters and two nuclear-capable bombers in one of the largest sorties in months  

Daily Mail: China flies 19 aircraft including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers into Taiwan's airspace as tensions build in wake of AUKUS pact 

* 19 Chinese aircraft flew into Taiwan's air space Thursday morning, Taipei said 

 * That included 12 J-16 fighter jets and two J-11s, according to defence ministry 

* Two H-6 bombers, which can carry nuclear warheads, were also included 

* Tensions in the region have ramped up in the wake of the AUKUS pact, with Beijing making veiled threats to US, UK and Australia 

Nineteen Chinese aircraft have entered Taiwan's airspace - ramping up tensions in the region in the wake of the AUKUS submarine pact. 

Taipei said 14 fighters - including 12 J-16s and two J-11s - entered its air defence identification zone on Thursday morning. 

Accompanying the fighters were two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers, one Y-8 plane equipped with 'electronic warfare' equipment, and two Y-8 anti-submarine planes, the country's defence ministry said.  

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WNU Editor: It is now 24 Chinese fighters and bombers that have entered Taiwan's airspace .... China sends 24 fighter jets toward Taiwan in show of force (AP). 

Update: Taiwan believes this massive incursion of Chinese warplanes is because of its application to the CPTPP .... 24 Chinese military aircraft enter Taiwan's ADIZ after CPTPP bid (Taiwan News) 

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Eye balling the distances on the map, are not the Chinese invading Filipino air space as well?