Thursday, October 21, 2021

NATO Defense Ministers Agree To A Master Plan To Deter Russia

Flags of Alliance members flap in the wind outside NATO headquarters in Brussels, Friday, Feb. 28, 2020. (AP Photo/Olivier Matthys)  

Reuters: NATO to agree master plan to deter growing Russian threat, diplomats say 

BRUSSELS -- NATO defense ministers are set to agree a new master plan on Thursday to defend against any potential Russian attack on multiple fronts, reasserting a bid to deter Moscow despite the alliance's new focus on China, diplomats and officials said. 

The strategy, which is confidential, goes beyond existing regional defense plans and aims to prepare for any simultaneous attack in the Baltic and Black Sea regions, possibly including nuclear weapons, hacking of computer networks or from space. 

Officials and diplomats say no such attack is imminent. Russia denies any war-like intentions and says it is NATO that risks destabilizing Europe with such preparations. 

But U.S. officials, NATO diplomats and former officials say the "Concept for Deterrence and Defence in the Euro-Atlantic Area" - and its strategic implementation plan - is needed as Russia develops advanced weapon systems and deploys troops and equipment closer to allied borders.  

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WNU Editor: NATO is looking for a mission.


Anonymous said...

Oh please
No one is bothered by Russiaat this moment

We are being poisoned, lied to, killed, belittled, terrorised and coerced by the Biden administration, the Democrats and their weaponized Facebook and Twitter mobs

Russia... not fucking worried

Being injected with drugs against our clearly expressed will with a drug that clearly not only doesn't work but causes way more damage than the virus ever could

No. Not worried about Russia

Biden just on video suggested to upend democracy and replace it with something else.. go watch yourself and then tell me again this demon, this traitor is your legitimate president. PUT YOUR NAME UNDER IT

I mean it figuratively. I don't want to read your name. Speak your name in your mind if you truly want to associate yourself with this demon.

The devil will do the rest for you. It's a contract.

Enjoy. You allowed this to happen. You went along with that "election"

Now reap what you saw

RussInSoCal said...

NATO is looking for a mission? Try China.

Anonymous said...

Good point, or better yet, try cleaning up this corrupt cabal called Democrats.

They torture and kill people by the millions. Should be a clear cut case for UN intervention or NATO coming in

And I'm not even joking anymore. Few regimes have caused as much death and economic destruction than there illegitimate treasonous murderous corrupt Biden administration and their terrorist enablers called "Democrats"... they're murderous thieving extremists in suits, pissing on your constitution and destroying democracy and the rule of law

Anonymous said...

You'd think hey!!?


Anonymous said...

If you think China is all evil and we can forget
Russia as threat then lots of luck with your cyber attacks