Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Rissian President Putin Says US Withdrawal From Nuclear Treaty Risks Sparking ‘New Arms Race’ In Asia


RT: US withdrawal from nuclear treaty risks sparking ‘new arms race’ in Asia, Putin says, after claims China tested hypersonic missile  

Washington’s decision to pull out of a Cold War-era nuclear weapons deal could lead to escalating tensions and a standoff between world powers in East Asia, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned, calling for urgent dialogue. 

Speaking at the 16th East Asia Summit on Wednesday, Putin said, “We have repeatedly warned that the termination of the treaty on intermediate and short-range missiles [INF] means the region is now facing the possibility of these strike weapons appearing across its vast space, and a new arms race as a result.”  

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WNU Editor: Asia has been experiencing an arms race long before the US withdrew from the INF treaty .... REFILE-FACTBOX-An intensifying arms race in Asia (Reuters).

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