Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Russian President Putin Says He Has A Stable Working Relationship With President Biden

© Mikhail Metzel/TASS  

Daily Mail: Putin insists he has a 'stable' working relationship with Biden and can cooperate with him on energy and arms control deals despite tensions between Moscow and D.C. 

* Putin spoke at an energy conference in Moscow 

* He held summit talks with Biden in Geneva over the summer 

* Said he has developed 'working, stable relations' with Biden 

* Comes after State official Victoria Nuland met with Russian counterpart 

* The Kremlin hasn't yet said whether Putin will travel to Rome for G20 summit 

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that the Kremlin has 'constructive' relations with Washington and voiced hope that mutual interests would eventually help normalize U.S.-Russia ties. 

Putin, speaking during a panel discussion at an international energy conference in Moscow, also said that Russia stands ready to boost natural gas supplies to help assuage nervous energy markets in Europe, insisting that his country wants prices to remain stable.  

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WNU Editor: Russian President Putin may say he has a stable relationship working with President Biden, but he also admits that an arms race is now underway .... Arms race underway after US withdrawal from Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, says Putin (TASS). 

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Anonymous said...

I still think Russians are on the side of the west.

Russians share nothing with China other than business

Culturally, morally, ethnically we are so so much closer than Godless China is with anyone

No free man or woman would ever support a system like the Chinese in such you're forced to pray at the altar of the party. It is 100% incompatible with what Russia and the west stand for.

Putin knows this.
Everyone knows this.

Therefore I think the arms race is artificial to basically let both sides, the west and Russia, arm themselves to the teeth without making it obvious to China that they're the obvious target after decades of theft, lies, intimidation, threats of war and worse

But it's just a guess. Maybe Putin doesn't give a fck about God or religion.

But I think he does.
There's a beauty in religion that cannot be replaced by party or money.

Anonymous said...

He has a stable relationship with Joe in the same way one might establish a stable relationship with a dementia patient. Oh, wait ...

Adam said...

I hate to say this but he probably knows he can get over on president Biden fairly easily as well.