Wednesday, November 24, 2021

CENTCOM General Says Iran Is Nearly Able To Build A Nuclear Weapon

General Kenneth McKenzie said he believes Iran is "very close this time" to developing a nuclear weapon (AFP)  

Time: 'They're Very Close.' U.S. General Says Iran Is Nearly Able to Build a Nuclear Weapon 

Less than a week before world powers resume negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East says his forces stand ready with a potential military option should talks fail.

“Our president said they’re not going to have a nuclear weapon,” General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of U.S. Central Command, tells TIME. 

“The diplomats are in the lead on this, but Central Command always has a variety of plans that we could execute, if directed.”  

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WNU Editor: The same US General is saying that military options are on the table .... US general says military option prepared in case Iran talks fail (Jerusalem Post). More here .... US military 'prepared' if Iran nuclear talks fail (Middle East Eye) 

CENTCOM General Says Iran Is Nearly Able To Build A Nuclear Weapon  

Top US general says Iran ‘very close’ to bomb, plans are ready if diplomacy fails -- Times Of Israel  

Top general warns Iran ‘very close’ to having nuclear weapon capability -- NYPost  

Top US General Says Iran ‘Very Close’ to Being Able to Build Nuclear Weapon -- Sputnik


Anonymous said...

Lol. These boys have been crying wolf since the '80s.

Still no bomb. Oh, yeah, just wait another 6 months!

Anonymous said...

"They are crying wolf" you bleat. Explain why the Iranians are crying wolf with them. You can't, because you are schmendrik.

Anonymous said...

Will they be as effective as the plans that were on the table for if/when North Korea built a nuclear bomb? There were plans for that, right? Oh, well, too late now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there were plans. Not all plans are equally good.

The plan was for Madeleine Albright to give Kim Jong Il a basketball autographed by Michael Jordan.