Wednesday, November 24, 2021

FBI Admits For The First Time That Some Employees May Have Symptoms Of Havana Syndrome

NBC News: FBI acknowledges some agents may have Havana Syndrome symptoms 

After NBC News obtained internal emails, the FBI publicly acknowledged for the first time that some employees may have symptoms of Havana Syndrome. 

The FBI is promising to make sure employees who have symptoms consistent with Havana Syndrome get access to medical care after a former agent suffering almost daily headaches was rebuffed when he sought testing and treatment, according to documents obtained by NBC News. 

In an email last month, an FBI official told a former agent who had reported possible brain injury symptoms that "unfortunately, the FBI is not authorized to give any medical advice and there are not any medical programs in place for current and/or retired employees." 

The agent began suffering migraines and dizziness about a decade ago after a stint overseas in a country near Russia.  

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WNU Editor: The first FBI agent who is said to be dealing with "Havana Syndrome" symptoms just came from Russia .... FBI Agent Reportedly Develops Havana Syndrome During Stint Near Russia -- Sputnik


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Boo fucking hoo!

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I hope they fry the brains to the top echelon at FBI HQ.

RussInSoCal said...

/Jan 6 terrorists no doubt. Better redirect and pump up the domestic persecution volume.