Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Is The Russian Public Being Primed For Another War?

Sputnik/Mikhail Metzel/Pool via REUTERS

Daily Beast: The Russian Public Is Being Primed for Another of Putin’s Wars 

The Kremlin’s propaganda campaign at home is getting people ready for a ‘reluctant’ move into Ukraine. 

Domestic propagandists and state TV pundits are promoting the idea of an inevitable confrontation with the West as Russia’s military posture grows increasingly hostile, causing major concern for its nearest neighbors and NATO. Ukraine remains the crown jewel for the Kremlin and the Russian public is being primed for the intended absorption of more territories under the umbrella of the Russian Federation, while NATO is being accused of fomenting the potential escalation. 

 “World War III is knocking at our door,” warned one top propagandist. 

Whether or not the Kremlin is planning to speed up its creeping assault against Ukraine’s Donbas region in the near future is a mystery even to the most knowledgeable experts with close access to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Nonetheless, they eagerly fulfill the Russian leader’s express intent to keep NATO—and the West in general—in a state of hypervigilance.  

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WNU Editor: From what I am watching, hearing and reading in the Russian press. The rhetoric is the same. 

The big change has been in Ukraine. The media narrative is that war is inevitable.


Jac said...

Putin has changed and become dangerous. He is taking more risk betting on Biden weakness and that's can bring miscalculation on both sides.

Anonymous said...

People in the Ukraine are split on the Russia issue. Some prefer the west, some prefer Russia. I think since covid and the west's mishandling (to put it mildly) of the situation has only increased the pro Russian numbers.
My advice is this: as long as our governments lie trough their teeth on life critical topics, including the vaccines and the great reset and their treasonous involvement in it, no one should follow them anywhere, especially not into war

These people are about to be hung. They want a war.

Our best chance to avoid the great rest is to avoid wars and to avoid slipping into totalitarianism they crave. They'll do anything at this point. They're mass murders, human rights violators is a too nice word.

In short, the current leadership of the west, much of it, will not be treated kindly by history.

I'm from the UK, I wish no war with any nation. Not Russia, not China.

What I do wish and crave for is accountability among our own.

We cannot go on like this.

Caecus said...

The Russian Public Is Being Primed for Another of Putin’s Wars, warned one top propagandist.

Anonymous said...

"Putin has changed and become dangerous. He is taking more risk betting on Biden"

Hitler bet on weakness too.

1) Crossed the Rhine
2) Marched into Austria
3) Got Sudentenland
4) Took Czechoslovakia

This last one finally put backbone into the French and English, but no declaration of war.

Anonymous said...

Putin knows the emasculated Western pussies won't even try to stop him as he rolls his forces into wherever he wants. Good, the West needs to be taught a lesson again as they never learned from WW2.

Andrew Jackson said...

Almighty God forbid it!

Unknown said...

If Russia moves into Ukraine, the west will do nothing. The USA has 1 armoured brigade & 2 infantry brigades in Europe. Britain no longer has a big navy or airforce or a field Army & might be able to field 2 infantry brigades with antique tanks. The Rooskies will destroy them in short order. 1940, Britain had a prime minister who was up for a fight.2021 Britain has a prime minister who raves about Peppa Pig World. The USA is about to fire servicemen who are not jabbed. They're dipping into the strategic fuel reserves. The west won't fight because they can't fight. The invasion of the west by the 3rd world is deemed desirable by the Western political & media establishment. Why would they object to Ukraine being invaded while they desire the west to be invaded? Doesn't make sense. Now is the time for Russia & China to make moves. Keep ducking 🙉

fazman said...

Antique tanks?...hardly