Monday, December 6, 2021

China Threatens 'Firm Countermeasures' If US Goes Ahead With A Diplomatic Boycott Of Winter Olympics


ABC News Australia: China threatens 'firm countermeasures' if US conducts diplomatic boycott of Winter Olympics 

China has threatened to take "firm countermeasures" if the US proceeds with a diplomatic boycott of February's Beijing Winter Olympic Games. 

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Monday accused US politicians of grandstanding by not sending officials to attend the events that China hopes will showcase its economic development and technological prowess. 

Speaking to reporters at a daily briefing, Mr Zhao said such a move would be an "outright political provocation", but gave no details on how China would retaliate.  

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China Threatens 'Firm Countermeasures' If US Goes Ahead With A Diplomatic Boycott Of Winter Olympics 

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Anonymous said...

Let’s see which other nations will summon the courage to take this small symbolic protest against China’s typically communist disregard for basic humanity.

RussInSoCal said...

The’22 Winter Olympics should be moved to a different country. There’s no way that China should be allowed to host the games.

Uighur prison camps
Disappeared female tennis star
Global Wuhan flu pandemic
Nonstop military belligerence
Open trade theft

Anonymous said...

China blufing

Blackdog said...

I’m also very interested in seeing which other countries will do like wise. That is the million dollar question.

Anonymous said...

Less than a 3rd of the countries that boycotted the 1980 Olympics.

president jimmy Carter sent Mohammed Ali to Africa to drum up support for the 1980 boycott. There is no such heavy hitter now.

Saudi Arabia will not support the Obama 3 Regime.

Ukraine might.
Japan might.

West Germany, Norway and Canada will not. Trudeau and Obama swap spit, but not this time.

No Latin America country will. Trump would have at least got Brasil. Worn out gasbag Joe won't.

2 to 5 countries will support the US at most.

Blackdog said...

Over 5

Anonymous said...

Fair bet. We'll see.

DAR said...

Trump owes $200+ MILLION to China financial institutions for a bldg in NYC. Loan due in 2022. Maybe China will say, "Pay up!", and not re-fi.

Anonymous said...

I will not enter any event at the Olympics but instead do my event at home in America

Anonymous said...

Once again the US half asses something. They should do a full boycott. It wouldn't surprise me if Xi decides to hold them hostage and initiate hostilities against Taiwan. Hard for the world to react to that if thousands of their athletes are being held.

Anonymous said...

No it is not. You give them a proper funeral. Cremation. Ashes scattered.

No one will evert hold athletes hostage ever again.

Anonymous said...

Has has has Chinese fool's

Anonymous said...

Retardation government

Anonymous said...

Dow it thang you thang fool's