Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Anonymous said...

"Shocking graphic of Omicron's 32 spike mutations reveals why scientists are so worried"

Mutatation Smutation

A virus is a one two punch.

The spike (docking) protein has differences? And? It might dock with the receptor of a cell more efficiently or more often.

May be a cause for concern. But after does it make a person sicker? The changes in the spike protein might make the immune response more efficient, so the virus gets cleared faster.

The second punch is what happens inside the cells. DO the mutations affect that? Scientist do not know or they are not telling. The spike protein allows the virus inside a cell .It is like getting past security at the gate of a manufacturing plant. Once inside the plant you have to do something. Is the new virus doing more or worse once inside a cell? These is an immune response of some sort inside a cell. Otherwise, why talk about zinc deficiency?

Rent seeking by scientists, media, and pols.

Anonymous said...

By law they deserve capital punishment for coercing people to take drugs

On top they know they're lying to you

I see no way forward but to immediately arrest them, trial them and then restart society without them. Without klaus Schwab, without Fauci, without Biden and perhaps without trump

Treason is the line
They seem to be comfortable to not just step onto that line, but cross it and then some

They're walking dead if we still have laws

Anonymous said...


If your audience is me, you are not making a sale.