Friday, December 3, 2021

U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General Probe Finds US Army Had 33 Racist Incidents This Year, 30 In Navy, And 7 In The Marine Corps

Marines participate in a seven-mile conditioning hike at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., Nov. 19, 2021. Photo By: Marine Corps Cpl. Nicolas Atehortua 

 Daily Mail: Military's anti-extremism probe finds US Army had highest number of racist incidents this year – 33 – while there were 30 in Navy, and 7 in the Marine Corps: Air Force says 10 members took part in January 6 riot 

* A Department of Defense Inspector General report has revealed incidents of racism and extremism in all branches of the U.S. Military 

* Highest number of racist incidents was in the Army with 33 incidents reported 

* Marine Corps encountered 30 incidents while Navy had seven reported 

* Air Force reported 160 incidents, but didn't explain which type of discriminations they involved 

* Its bosses did reveal 10 members were at the January 6th Capitol riot 

* Until now there has never been an accurate was of recording such incidents 

* There also does not appear to a standard disciplinary procedure for those found to be participating in such acts 

The Pentagon's anti-extremism watchdog has published its first report, revealing that the US Army had more incidents of alleged racist behavior than any other branch of the military. 

A Department of Defense Inspector General report that was published on Wednesday revealed 33 allegations of 'racially motivated violent extremism' within the Army, with a similar number, 30, in the Navy between January 1 and September 30 of this year.  

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WNU Editor: There are over a million members in the US military. I expected higher numbers.


Anonymous said...

These days, it's consdered "racist" to express support for a wall on the southern border. And, of course, we know that all Trump supporters are automatically racist. Without particulars, there's no telling how serious these incidents actually are. The DC riot is a different matter. What's wrong with these knuckleheads? If you're active duty you don't participate in such things. You just don't.

Anonymous said...

70 racists incidents.

Now break that done by race. Maybe liberals do want to do it.

Daily Mail does do work that many MSMM outfit eschew. Grammar and composition does not seem to be one of their strengths especially around Christmas time, when the back benchers get to "write". Another weakness of the DM is analysis.

How about incidents per 100,000 people?

How about comparing the incident rate of the military to society at large?

The problem with incidence rates is that it might make it an nonstory, which is bad for newspaper circulation.

You expect the military incident rate to be lower than the civilian one due to selection and training. Although that begs the question, since schools and corporations have training too. But how low does the rate have to be (You are never going to get perfection.) before it is not treated as a 5 alarm fire or political fodder?

You need to ask Why 5 times. Giving a summary statistic such as a raw number is misleading and dishonest.

Anonymous said...

There are African Americans, who talk like Maxine Waters and worse people. There must be a politically correct undercount. .

Anonymous said...

Army Soldiers 479K

Marines 186K

The Army is 2.57 times as large.

4.71 more incidents in the Army than Marines

Number of racial hate crime victims, by race U.S. 2020 ...

What we have is not a racism problem in the Armed Forces, we have a Joe Biden/Lloyd Austin infestation. Prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

It was the military under Harry Truman (Dem) who integrated the military (many southerners were regular army after WWII and draft ended), thus proving to the nation that integration could work and then later LBJ (Dem) who ended segregation in the South.

Anonymous said...

"What we have is not a racism problem in the Armed Forces, we have a Joe Biden/Lloyd Austin infestation. Prove me wrong."

In logic studies, one learns that he who asserts is the one who must prove assertions.

Stephen said...

They need to list what isnt racist anymore.

Anonymous said...

you need to advise them

Anonymous said...


What does desegregation starting before Truman became president have to do with racism 75 years later? Have you considered that perhaps desegregating the military was not Truman's or Roosevelt's idea, but that of the military brass, military brass that had many southerners. Separate but equal is quite a drain on efficiency and overall results. Integration was happening before August 1945. It may have been happening in 1944. After a Democrat president segregated the government 25 years later they had to desegregating it. Do you really want credit for the Democrats cleaning up their own mess a generation later?

Also the DM article did give many particulars about the racism. It might have been racism by black or Hispanics. If that would make up half of it, I can see people like you moving on.

I note that I whistled and you came and had to post.

Anonymous said...

glad you are noting! makes my day
my point was simple. Our military was fully segregated during WWII (Hitler after all was a racist). Truman, commander in chief, gave the order to desegregate
hy Harry Truman Ended Segregation in the US Military in 1948
Executive Order 9981, one of Truman's most important achievements, became a major catalyst for the civil rights movement.

Anonymous said...

Fred posts and lapdog comes running

Anonymous said...

I posted at 9:27. Fred posted at 9:29. Boy oh Boy, Fred was monitoring the site for any deviation from political correct thought.

Not getting a bite, Fred posted again at 11:07.

Anonymous said...

"Our military was fully segregated during WWII (Hitler after all was a racist)"

What does "(Hitler after all was a racist)" have to do with "Our military was fully segregated during WWII" ?

Our military was not fully segregated during WW2.

"Ironically, on August 9, 1944, the same day the survivors of the Port Chicago Explosion refused to load ammunition, Forrestal informed the commanders of 25 fleet auxiliary ships that they would be assigned black sailors, to be fully integrated on their crews. In this experimental change, the black sailors were found to be accepted and efficient members of the crews. As a result, all auxiliary ships were fully integrated as of March 6, 1945."

Truman did not become president until April 12th and by that time the Navy was well underway with desegregation.

Once again the obsequious Democrat paeon singer loses.