Tuesday, December 7, 2021

US Satellite Images Reveal New Military Camps Of Russian Soldiers Near Ukraine's Border

Russia now has 50 battalions comprising up to 94,000 troops stationed on the Ukrainian border with another 80,000 - 100,000 sitting in reserve and will be ready to invade within weeks, the US has warned  

Daily Mail: Satellite images reveal new camps of Russian soldiers near Ukraine's border as US warns Moscow will be ready to invade with 175,000 troops in weeks and Kremlin calls relations with America 'lamentable' ahead of Putin-Biden talks 

* Russia continues to build up troops, tanks and artillery on Ukraine's border, new satellite images reveal 

* Seven new battalions have arrived on border in recent weeks along with dozens of tanks, pictures show 

* US intelligence now thinks there are 50 battalions on the border with 50 in reserve, totaling 175,000 men 

* White House warns Putin will be ready to invade 'within weeks', as Biden prepares for call with Russian leader 

* Kremlin today called state of US-Russia relations 'quite lamentable' on eve of call between Putin and Biden 

Satellite images have revealed huge new camps of Russian troops, tanks and artillery near the Ukrainian border as Vladimir Putin continues massing his forces on Europe's doorstep amid warnings he could invade within weeks. 

Newly-published images document at least three camps housing seven battalions of troops near at Yelnya and Pogonovo, between 100 and 150 miles from the border, which analysts say have arrived in the last month. 

More images taken from Russian-occupied Crimea shows what appears to be dozens of tanks and artillery pieces parked on a base at Novoozerne, around 80 miles from the border, which have also arrived in recent weeks.  

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Update: Satellite images show the buildup of Russian forces near Ukraine that have the US and NATO worried about an invasion (Business Insider)  

WNU Editor: Ukraine soldiers at the front are expecting the worse .... For Ukraine’s Soldiers, Anticipation of Invasion by Putin’s Russia (Continuity News/New York Times)


Anonymous said...

I lived thousands of times sleeping giant attack soon

Anonymous said...

Ukraine will find NATO can not save its corrupt government from the Russian bear.

Andrew Jackson said...

A deal will be made.

Caecus said...

Russia has forces along its borders with NATO friendly countries, who wudda thunk it

Anonymous said...

Russia has a finger in every pie (The US, China and others too.). One of them is Ukraine. If Ukraine is corrupt one of the factors that must be evaluated is Russia's involvement in Ukraine. Russia did poison an Ukrainian president (VIKTOR Yushchenko) after all.