Sunday, December 5, 2021

U.S. Space Force General Says China Will Be The Leading Superpower In Space By The End Of The Decade


FOX News: China’s space operation poses an ‘incredible threat,’ US must adapt, Space Force general says  

China's space capabilities are moving at an 'aggressive' pace, Space Force general says 

China’s space operation is outpacing the U.S. two to one, posing an "incredible threat" that may make the nation the leading superpower in space by the end of the decade if the U.S. doesn’t adapt its approach, the vice chief of the U.S. Space Force warned on Sunday. 

Gen. David Thompson appeared on "Fox News Sunday," telling anchor Chris Wallace that while the U.S. is "still the best in the world" in the new frontier, China is on an "incredible pace," confirming that it is launching twice as many satellites into space as the U.S. . 

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U.S. Space Force General Says China Will Be The Leading Superpower In Space By The End Of The Decade  

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Fusion said...

us has been coasting on its achievements from 50+ years ago. you guys gotta get with the program and accept that the chinese and russians are fielding some decent tech and its paramount to start countering it, or design something similar

Anonymous said...

Back in the 80s, when Reagan proposed his space defense program, the Democrats ridiculed the plan and dubbed it "Star Wars." Now, 30+ years later, we're scrambling to develop and deploy the very kinds of technology that we might have had by now if the idea had been taken seriously. And the stakes couldn't be much higher. As usual, our politicians have been shown in retrospect to be the same lazy, greedy, short-sighted shit sacks they are today.

Anonymous said...

F117 first flew 40 years ago. The US had the best tank of the 80s and 90s.

But the general tenor of the above comment is truthful. Too much coasting going on.

There are too few engineering and and other STEM graduates. The Chinese have more STEM graduates and since we have been stolen blind maybe we should and need to steal from the Chinese?

Anonymous said...

Update 11:29 to include 11:25 also.

Jac said...

We have to go to the road, but it will be hard...and even worse if the left wing block anything.

Stephen said...

I call bullshit