Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Is The U.S. Republican Party Leadership And Its 2024 Presidential Prospects At 'War' With Each Other?


Daily Mail: Ron V Don: It's war! Florida Gov. DeSantis says backing Trump for 2024 now 'is too much to ask' after he attacked him for being 'dull' and having 'no charisma' 

* Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is refusing to bend a knee to Donald Trump and says backing him in the 2024 election 'is too much to ask' 

* The governor, a once-loyal member of Trump's court, has criticized Trump to his inner circle as the ex-president continued to take aim at him 

* Trump is said to have been trashing DeSantis in private, calling the Florida governor an ingrate with a 'dull personality' 

* He also said his biggest regret in office is not having 'been much louder' in speaking out against Trump's coronavirus pandemic response 

* The two are among the most popular Republican figures in the country as Trump and potentially DeSantis eye a presidential run in 2024

* Conservatives also say the pair are 'the two most important leaders in the Republican Party' 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a once-loyal member of Donald Trump's court, is refusing to bend a knee to the former president and says backing him in the 2024 election 'is too much to ask' after Trump publicly attacked his character, according to a report. 

Trump reportedly said the popular governor has 'no personal charisma' and a 'dull personality' as rumors swirl the ex-president is angry DeSantis hasn't declined to challenge him for the GOP presidential nomination. 

DeSantis, however, has told his inner circle that Trump's 'expectation that he bend the knee is asking too much,' the New York Times reported.  

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Update #1: Vaccine Politics Are Tearing Republicans Apart (The New Republic)  

Update #2: Trump-DeSantis tensions ratchet up (The Hill)  

Update #3: Rumors Of Trump-DeSantis Drama Ignite Media Firestorm (Zero Hedge)  

WNU Editor: The New York Times started this media narrative by posting this .... Who Is King of Florida? Tensions Rise Between Trump and a Former Acolyte (Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman, New York Times). 

I am skeptical. 

What I see are various Democrats and their media allies trying to gin up a fake feud between Trump and DeSantis. 

More to the point.

Unlike former Vice-President Pence who is now visiting early voting primary states in an attempt to boost his support for a 2024 Presidential run, Gov. DeSantis is staying home.  

Update #4: The Governor of Florida has posted a response (this is a must see):


Anonymous said...

More democratic BS, trying to gin up a Republican war between Trump and Desantis. They are incredibly desperate to eliminate Trump especially since the Dims have zero, I mean zero credible candidates.

If they run Killery her huge baggage will eliminate her, plus many of her supporters have aged to the graveyard, although as Dims that means they can still vote several times. She would generate a negative response even bigger than 2016. She is the most hated person in the USA, even more than dementia Joe.


A Deplorable

Anonymous said...

Trump/DeSantis ticket would be interesting. That would set DeSantis up well for a run in 2028. But being governor of Florida is also pretty important.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that this is nothing but liberal false narrative desperately trying to cause conflict in GOP ranks. NYT used to be a great newspaper but now it is full of liberal and communist hacks. If it were to burn to the ground with its cadre of communist propagandists, the US people would laugh and cheer.

Anonymous said...

What about Ted Cruise?

Anonymous said...

Dumb and dumber.