Monday, January 24, 2022

Six Former US Navy SEALs Are Running For Congress With The Goal Of Taking Down Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Control In Congress


Washington Examiner: Six former Navy SEALs run for Congress with one goal: Take down Pelosi 

Six former Navy SEALs released an ad highlighting their campaigns for six separate seats in the House of Representatives with one unifying goal: to take away Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s control in Congress. 

The six conservative-minded SEALs include Morgan Luttrell in Texas’s 8th Congressional District, Brady Duke for Florida’s 7th District, Eli Crane for Arizona’s 2nd District, Derrick Van Orden for Wisconsin’s 3rd District, Ed Thelander for Maine’s 1st District, and Ryan Zinke for Montana’s 1st District.  

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WNU Editor: Politics is a very different battlefield than what these former Navy SEALs are accustom to. And Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with all of her faults, is a formidable opponent. But I wish them luck for taking the initiative to make a difference in U.S. politics.

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