Monday, January 24, 2022

Two U.S. Super Carriers, 2 Big Deck Amphibs Drill Together in the Western Pacific

USNI News: VIDEO: 2 U.S. Carrier Groups, 2 Amphibious Ready Groups Drill with F-35s, Japanese Ships in the Philippine Sea 

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Two U.S carriers and two amphibious ships, along with their escorts and 26 F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters drilled with a Japanese large deck warship last week in the Philippine Sea. 

The exercises were the largest drills involving aviation-capable ships since the October exercise with the U.S Navy’s Ronald Reagan and Carl Vinson carrier strike groups, the Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21) and the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) Escort Flotilla 2.  

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Update #1: US Navy and JMSDF Flat Tops Conduct Epic Power Demonstration (Naval News)  

Update #2: US Navy displays 2 supercarriers in Philippine Sea drill (VIDEO) (RT)  

WNU Editor: Sending a message to China and to reassure America's allies.


Anonymous said...

In the meantime, homelessness, robberies and hunger litter on the streets in America.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to See Here… CDC Is Monitoring Local Residents for Cold-like Symptoms Following Crash of Semi Carrying 100 CDC Test Monkeys

Nothing to see here Fauci @ Work

So they tell us the monkeys came from Mauritius. How long have they been here? What port did they come in? What route did they take from Mauritius to Danville?

Have they already been experimented on already?

What do monkeys in Mauritius have?

More importantly, where were the monkeys going?

They ticketed the driver? Really? Can we have an accident diagram? Which truck ran off the road and down the shoulder? It might confirm or disprove the ticket.

Why should the people in the local area monitor themselves unless the monkeys had already been experimented on. The people in Mauritius already have some contact with the such monkeys and they do not seem to have ill effects.

Monitor yourself for what high temp in cold and flu ... and corona season?

Anonymous said...

China’s Scientific Spies Operating in the U.S. Have Chinese State Security Code Names – Why is US Allowing This?

Why Ukraine when we cannot protect America?

What is Representative SwallowsWell doing about this other than being probed with a sex toy by FangFang the Chinese spy?

Anonymous said...

After Assisting China’s Military in COVID R&D the Biden Administration Gives Ecohealth Alliance a $4.7 Million Grant

If we object, Joe will scold us in his grandfather voice.

Anonymous said...

"EcoHealth Alliance – an American nonprofit that collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on manipulating bat coronaviruses resembling COVID-19 – has received one of its largest ever grants from Joe Biden’s White House."

The Wuhan lab incident must have been a success, because you reward success with mo' money.

Jac said...

Big weapon without the will to use it is a waste of time and money.

Adam said...

Would be a perfect time for a surfacing of a couple of SSGNs as well.

Also, I sure wish we had built maybe a dozen or so relatively cheap arsenal ships with lots of launchers :-0