Monday, January 24, 2022

White House Warns That Cyberattacks In Ukraine Show Potential For 'Widespread Damage' To U.S. Networks

Warzone/The Drive: Cyberattacks In Ukraine Show Potential For 'Widespread Damage' To U.S. Networks, Government Warns  

The White House is rushing to secure critical networks from similar attacks that have brought down Ukrainian government websites in recent days. 

A White House national security memorandum signed today makes similar recommendations to those found in a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) memo published yesterday in which the agency stated that recent malware attacks in Ukraine highlight the potential for “widespread damage to critical infrastructure” here in the United States. The CISA memo offers a series of recommended measures that could help detect cyberattacks and reduce possible damage and lists two specific malware threats that have been used previously, NotPetya and the WannaCry ransomware, as examples of just how damaging these attacks can be.  

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Anonymous said...

They're just now rushing to secure critical networks? WTF have they been doing for years leading up to this?

Anonymous said...

These American vulnerabilities have been known far and wide for two decades. This shows in one easily understood example why our government and business leaders aren’t Americans. They are opportunists and grifters standing for nothing else.
These vulnerabilities will get millions at risk of death if exploited ruthlessly.

Nobody in leadership cared enough to make the needed changes to our software or networks. Globalism is religion.

Anonymous said...

Facebook, Twitter, google. All viruses.

Adam said...

My thoughts as well. They've known about this for plenty long.