Thursday, April 7, 2022

Kremlin Rejects New Ukraine Draft Peace Proposal As Unacceptable

FILE PHOTO: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attends a news conference, in Moscow 

Reuters: Russia says Ukraine presented 'unacceptable' draft peace deal 

 (Reuters) -Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday that Ukraine had presented Moscow with a draft peace deal containing "unacceptable" elements at variance with a previous agreement, comments that Kyiv dismissed as "pure propaganda". 

The Kremlin has said talks with Ukraine are not progressing as rapidly as it would like, and has accused the West of trying to derail negotiations by raising war crimes allegations against Russian troops in Ukraine, which Moscow denies. 

Lavrov said on Thursday that Ukraine had presented a draft agreement on Wednesday that deviated from proposals both sides' negotiators had agreed on. 

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WNU Editor: Lavrov has been signaling many things in the past few days. But what sticks out for me is that Lavrov is saying (on Russian media) that if negotiations to reach a peaceful resolution are not possible, the war itself will then impose the conditions that will end it. 

The Russian foreign minister is also making it very clear that Russian military forces will not withdraw from south or eastern Ukraine anytime soon.  

Update: A source that I trust in Russia has just told me that the Kremlin has accepted the possibility that this war will still be ongoing into next year. 

Kremlin Rejects New Ukraine Draft Peace Proposal As Unacceptable  

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jimbrown said...

Sell CDL now.

Or turn into Syria, another Putin real estate development.

jimbrown said...

Or the Ukraine military is doing way better than anyone guessed.

Kick them out then.

fazman said...

Exactly, its ukraine with the wests military backing that will dictate peace terms .

Anonymous said...

It is Thursday. It was expected that troops transfer from Belarus to Donbas would be complete today or by tomorrow. Where is the offensive? It could still be in the offing, but Lavrov appears to be talking big and delivering little.

Trump would cut a good deal. Obama is too full of himself to cut any deal.

When an opening band draws a bigger crowd than the main act, the smart move is to fire the opening band. It has happened that after an opening band finished, people left the venue and the main act had a smaller audience. This happened to the Band Heart.

So Obama was with Joe Biden to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Obamacare. Obama stole the show. Apparatchiks and upper ranked Democrats so ignored Biden, that it started speculation all over again that Obama is really running things.

Will Obama be invited again and steal the show again this year. If he is, I think you will have the answer.