Tuesday, May 17, 2022

G7 And EU Discussing Using The Seizure Of Russian Central Bank Assets For Ukraine Military And Humanitarian Aid

G7 leaders after a March meeting in Brussels. Henry/Nicholls/Pool/AFP  

Market Insider: The G7 and EU are discussing seizures of Russian central bank assets for Ukraine aid, but the Kremlin calls it theft 

* The G7 and European Union are in talks to finance Ukraine aid with seized Russian assets. 

* "In the case of private assets, we have to see what is legally possible," Germany's finance minister said. 

* The Kremlin said that such an effort would be 'in fact, outright theft.' 

G7 and European Union leaders are discussing proposals to seize Russian Central Bank assets and use them to finance aid to Ukraine, Germany's finance minister said Tuesday. 

Christian Lindner said he is "politically open to the idea" but acknowledged that "in the case of private assets, we have to see what is legally possible." 

"We have to respect the rule of law, even if we are dealing with Russian oligarchs," he told the business daily Handelsblatt and other European media, according to Reuters. 

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WNU Editor: We are talking $600 billion. Not surprising, the Kremlin has responded .... Kremlin says G7 using Russia's reserves for Ukraine would be 'outright theft' (Reuters). More here .... Russia brands G7 plan to use frozen assets in Ukraine’s rebuild ‘outright theft’ (City AM).

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