Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Has US Intelligence-Sharing With Ukraine Crossed A Red-Line?

US President Joe Biden has ruled out direct involvement in Russia's war on Ukraine  

DW: Did US intelligence-sharing with Ukraine cross a line? 

For years, the US has been arming and training Ukraine's army. But recent reports claim American intelligence is now helping deliver major blows to the Russian military. Could this heat up the Ukraine conflict further? 

Over two months into Russia's brutal invasion, Ukraine has continuously defied expectations while fending off a nuclear superpower that has tenfold its military budget. 

It is no secret that the backing of NATO and the US, the training and military assistance they have provided since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war in 2014 and their recent shipments of weapons have all assisted in the success of Ukraine's armed forces.  

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WNU Editor: It is not only providing intelligence that the West has crossed a red-line. The Ukraine government is broke. It is only functioning right now because the West is paying its bills, salaries, providing humanitarian and military aid, and making sure the light stay on. The West is even paying the salaries for the Ukraine Army. If that is not crossing a red-line and getting directly involved in this war, then I do not what is. 

 Update: This Russian diplomat is late to the game .... West crossed even its own red lines - Russian diplomat (TASS).

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