Friday, May 27, 2022

Mysterious South China Sea Missile Launch Caught On Video

Warzone/The Drive: Mysterious South China Sea Missile Launch Claimed To Be Caught By Airliner (Updated) 

Video taken from an airliner appears to show the launch of a missile from a ship or a submarine in the South China Sea. 

Video has emerged on social media that is said to show an apparent launch of a missile, possibly from a submarine, as viewed from a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 flying over the South China Sea. Unseen individuals can be heard in the clip talking about whether it is heading their way. 

Twitter user @jchovernut, a pilot for U.S.-based airline Allegiant Air and a veteran of the U.S. Navy's submarine community, posted the video, seen below, online on Tuesday. "They were over the South China Sea & were issued a last-minute hectic call from ATC: 'turn left 90 degrees immediately!!,'" according to one Tweet accompanying the video.  

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Update: Watch: Mysterious South China Sea Missile Launch Came Dangerously Close To Commercial Airliner (Zero Hedge)  

WNU editor: China was conducting military exercises in the South China Sea when this missile launch was spotted .... China launches military exercises in South China Sea as Biden visits Asia (FOX News).

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