Sunday, May 8, 2022

One Of The Best Snipers In The World Who Volunteered To Fight For Ukraine Returns Home To Quebec In Disappointment.


WNU Editor: After fighting in Ukraine for almost two months and experiencing many close calls Sniper Wali is back in Quebec, and he does not get a reassuring picture on what is happening in the war right now. He claims he killed no one, but he watched his friends die around him, and was always struggling with a lack of food, weapons, ammunition, or with weapons like the US Javelin missile that he found made no difference in the fighting. He also mentioned that Ukrainian commanders do not know what to do with foreign fighters like him. And he found Russian fire was deadly accurate. He also saw a lot of desertions, corruption, and weapons being sold by Ukrainian soldiers. 

The press is ignoring his story, but kudos to Montreal's La Presse who interviewed him a few days ago to give a voice to his concerns on the state of the war in Ukraine right now .... Retour du tireur d'√©lite Wali « La guerre, c’est une d√©ception terrible » (La Presse).

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