Monday, May 30, 2022

The Battle For Eastern Ukraine Intensifies. Ukraine President Zelensky Visits Kharkiv


Daily Mail: Russians storm key city in eastern Ukraine as battle for Donbas rages: Troops engage in close quarter combat amid intense shelling as Putin tries to gain strategic footholds in region amid fierce resistance 

* Russian and Ukrainian troops are locked in intense close-quarter combat 

* The epicentre of the fighting is Severodonetsk - a manufacturing hub in Luhansk 

* Putin's forces have been making agonisingly slow but steady gains in the region 

* Water and electricity in several of the region's towns have been shut off 

* Bodies are being left in supermarkets in Mariupol according to mayor's adviser 

* Ukrainian officials repeated calls for more long-range arms from Western allies 

* French, German leaders implored Putin to hold 'direct and serious negotiations' 

Russian and Ukrainian troops are locked in intense close-quarter combat today in the eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk as Moscow's soldiers, supported by intense shelling, attempted to gain strategic footholds in the region while facing fierce Ukrainian resistance. 

Ukrainian regional officials reported that Russian forces were 'storming' the eastern city in the Luhansk region, where the fighting has knocked out power and mobile phone services and terrorised civilians who have not fled. 

Severodonetsk, a manufacturing hub, has emerged as an epicentre of Russia's quest to conquer Ukraine's industrial Donbas region.  

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The Battle For Eastern Ukraine Intensifies  

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