Friday, May 20, 2022

Will The Russia - Ukraine War Go On For Years?

Scott Ritter, Energy Intelligence: Ukraine War Has No End in Sight  

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is grinding its way toward its inevitable conclusion, namely Russian control over the Donbas region. But this will not end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has expanded in scope and scale beyond the capabilities of the Russian military resources originally allocated. With no diplomatic off-ramp on the horizon, the war risks becoming a permanent state of conflict between Russia and Ukraine — with unknown consequences. 

As the Ukraine conflict enters its third month, the Kremlin looks likely to achieve its major military objective of securing physical control over the eastern Donbas region. Peripheral territorial acquisition of the strategic southern city of Kherson, as well as a swath of territory connecting Crimea to the Donbas and the border of the Russian Federation, also looks likely.  

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WNU Editor: I agree with Scott Ritter's assessment that Moscow will achieve its military goals in this war, but politically there is no roadmap to end the war. Especially now as the US and NATO continue to arm and train the Ukraine to continue the conflict.

A few weeks into the war this blog predicted that the Russia - Ukraine conflict will continue into 2023. But it will end when Europe, deeply suffering from the economic impact of the conflict, will tell Kyiv to agree to Russia's terms and if not the EU will cut-off political and economic aid. I am still sticking with that prediction.

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