Friday, June 24, 2022

Report: Ukraine President Zelensky Wants To Fire His Friend Who Is Also The Intelligence Chief

Politico: Zelenskyy wants to replace Ukraine’s top spy after security failures 

Ivan Bakanov was tapped to revamp the controversial Security Service of Ukraine. But after a string of failures and the loss of Kherson, he’s fallen out of favor with the Ukrainian president. 

KYIV — You think you know someone, and then Russia invades your country and your childhood friend turned top intelligence official flubs it and some of his senior spies flee their posts, apparently helping the Kremlin’s forces avoid landmines and direct its attack aircraft to blast your cities. 

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy isn’t getting a lot of sleep these days, and the man he appointed to lead Ukraine’s domestic intelligence and security agency can’t be helping matters. 

Ivan Bakanov — his friend from way back who once ran his entertainment company and then his presidential campaign — is on thin ice in Kyiv. 

Zelenskyy is looking to replace Bakanov, who now runs Ukraine’s spy agency, with someone more suitable to serve as the wartime chief of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), according to four officials close to the president and a Western diplomat who has advised Kyiv on reforms needed to revamp the SBU. 

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WNU Editor: This is nothing new. In the past month there has been numerous reports of Ukraine arresting and replacing people .... Zelensky Purges “Traitors” from Ukraine’s Security Service (Kyiv Post). More here .... Ukraine detains senior public figures suspected of spying for Russia (Reuters).

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