Monday, July 4, 2022

UK's 'Futuristic And Ambitious' Drone Squadron Has No Drones

Express: RAF left embarrassed as ‘futuristic and ambitious’ drone squadron has no aircraft 

THE ROYAL AIR FORCE has been left embarrassed as its "futuristic and ambitious" drone squadron has no aircraft, a freedom of information (FOI) request has been revealed.

One hailed by the head of the RAF Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston as delivering “futuristic and ambitious” plans to harness drone swarms, the elite group has been revealed to consist of just four personnel. Furthermore, the crew have no aircraft to operate and has yet carried out no trials with any equipment.  

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Update: UK drone squadron has no drones (RT)

WNU Editor: You have to wonder where all the money went .... Britain's military drones spending tops £2bn (The Guardian).

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