Thursday, August 18, 2022

As Europe's Rivers Run Dry Centuries-Old 'Hunger Stones' Reappear

A child stands on one of the "hunger stones" revealed by the low level of water in the Elbe River in 2018. REUTERS  

Buisness Insider: A historic climate-fueled drought in Europe revealed ominous, centuries-old 'hunger stones' warning of hardship 

* Carved boulders used to record historic droughts have emerged in Europe's shrinking rivers. 

* A growing body of research links intensifying droughts in many parts of the world to climate change. 

* Researchers say the current drought that Europe is experiencing could be the worst in 500 years. 

An intense drought is shrinking rivers across Europe, revealing stones carved centuries ago to give future generations a warning of hard times ahead. 

The Miami Herald reported that locals said the centuries-old boulders, known as "hunger stones," reappeared last week as rivers in Europe ran dry due to drought conditions. 

One such stone is on the banks of the Elbe River, which begins in the Czech Republic and flows through Germany. The boulder dates back to 1616 and is etched with a warning in German: "Wenn du mich seehst, dann weine" — "If you see me, then weep," according to a Google translation of the phrase.  

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 Update #1: ‘If you see me, cry’: Drought reveals ‘hunger stones’ in River Elbe historically used to forecast famine (The Independent)  

Update #2: Grim ‘Hunger Stones’ warn of doom as they emerge in ancient waters (NYPost)  

WNU Editor: At least it is not as bad as 1540 .... It’s hot and dry out there, but it ain’t as bad as 1540 (yet) (

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