Tuesday, August 23, 2022

US Navy Losing Ships To Rust And Corrosion

The guided-missile destroyer Benfold has stood up a team exclusively devoted to busting rust, priming and painting the ship, six days a week. The warship is shown here in January. (Navy) 

Washington Times: Navy fights never-ending battle with nature, losing ships to rust and corrosion 

The Pentagon calls China its primary “pacing challenge” and Russia a major threat to the world order, but the Navy may be facing an even more formidable and insidious challenge to its fleets from within: rust. 

The U.S. Navy is fighting a never-ending battle against the unsightly reddish-brown streaks and patches caused by the destructive combination of steel hulls, oxygen and seawater. Despite the millions of man-hours and billions of dollars spent combating corrosion in the fleet, some fear rust is winning the war. 

The Navy’s top admiral has acknowledged how crucial the anti-rust campaign is for the service, militarily and aesthetically.  

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WNU Editor: There is a simple US Navy solution to minimize the impact of rust .... How one Navy warship is taking ‘busting rust’ to a whole new level (Navy Times).

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