Thursday, September 29, 2022

Are Russian Draft Dodgers Becoming A Crisis For Russia?


CNN: ‘The worst is yet to come’: Russians rush to the borders amid draft fears  

Dariali, Georgia CNN — With one bag in each hand and another on his back, Denis makes his way up a hill on foot, having just crossed the border from Russia into Georgia. “I’m just tired. That’s the only thing I feel,” the 27-year-old says as he tries to catch his breath. 

Denis has just spent six days on the road, most of them just waiting in line to cross the border. He is one of the hundreds of thousands of Russians enduring a grueling marathon journey to leave their country. 

Though women and children are among those crossing, most are fighting-age men who fear the possibility that they will be drafted to fight the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine. 

According to the Georgian Interior Ministry, at least 10,000 have been coming through the Lars border crossing daily.  

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Update #1: 'My whole world collapsed': Russians on fleeing home after Putin's speech (Euronews)  

Update #2: Russia Will Not Give Out Passports to Mobilized People – Government (Moscow Times/AFP)  

WNU Editor: Some are wondering if this partial mobilization announcement is a step too far for Putin ..... Is Vladimir Putin's 'partial' Ukraine War mobilization a step too far for Russians? (Peter Weber, The Week). I do not think so. A certain percentage of Russians are against Putin and this war (I would estimate around 20%), and a certain portion of this 20% are the ones who are leaving and/or trying to leave. I expect this flood of Russians leaving the country to decrease in the coming weeks.

I do agree with the growing sentiment among those who are fleeing Russia that the worst is yet to come. 

The Ukraine war is seen by the Kremlin, and by the vast majority of Russians, as an existential fight that must be won at all cost. The US President is also on the public record that Russia cannot be permitted to win in Ukraine, and all the resources of the US government will be used to make sure that happens. In such an environment where there are no brakes to stop any escalation. It can only get worse.

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