Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Elon Musk Barges Into Twitter HQ Ahead Of Deal Close With A Kitchen Sink

WNU Editor: Today has been a great day in social media. 

In the case of Twitter that has shadowed banned WNU for years .... 'Let That Sink In' - Elon Musk Barges Into Twitter HQ Ahead Of Deal Close (Zero Hedge). 

In the case of Facebook that has banned WNU .... Facebook Craters 16% To 6 Year Low On Dismal Earnings, Warns Of "Revenue Challenges" (Zero Hedge). 

And in the case of Google that has shadow banned WNU in its search results and limited its YouTube channel .... Google Earnings Badly Miss Estimates As YouTube Ad Revenue Falls (IBD).

I can now only pray that a new Congress eliminates all the legal protections that these tech companies have in maintaining their corrupt monopoly.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Musk can ultimately loosen the US intel agency grip on twitter. He can open source the algos and revoke the spook's access to the back end admin tools, but the staff are uniform in their support for the status quo and only the board and the department heads will be fired and replaced.

Kind of like believing that Trump could steer towards a more independent foreign policy while surrounded by enemies determined towards the opposite like John Bolton. Whether it's engineers at twitter or neocon bureaucrats in DC, You need these people in order to continue operating and they're going to "do what's best for the world."