Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Russian Nuclear Military Train Is Seen On The Move

A screenshot of a clip showing the military convoy travelling through central Russia towards the front line in Ukraine © Provided by The Telegraph  

Daily Mail: Russian nuclear military train is seen on the move in 'possible warning to the West' that Putin is prepared to escalate his Ukraine war 

* The military hardware belongs to the 12th Main Directorate of the Russian MoD 

* Specialist division is dedicated to storage, maintenance and provision of nukes 

* Military analysts claimed this could be a sign of escalation in Ukraine conflict on behalf of Moscow, or preparation for large-scale nuclear readiness tests 

* Comes as NATO warned Russian nuclear sub has left its base in the Arctic Circle 

* Putin crony Ramzan Kadyrov meanwhile called for use of 'low-yield' nuclear weapons in Ukraine

A huge freight train moving specialist military equipment associated with a nuclear-arms wielding division of Russia's Defence Ministry has been spotted on the move, prompting fears of an escalation in Putin's war. 

A series of BPM-97 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and other military vehicles were seen travelling through central Russia in a clip posted on the Telegram messaging app by pro-Russian channel Rybar on Sunday. 

The APCs are thought to have been upgraded with more capable turrets, reinforced ambush and mine-proof armour and an air purification system designed to allow its occupants to operate effectively in the face of sustained infantry attacks.  

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Update #1: Nuclear weapons convoy sparks fears Putin could be preparing test to send ‘signal to the West’ (The Telegraph) 

Update #2: Putin’s elite nuclear warriors ‘in chilling signal to West’ as weapons convoy on the move (Express)  

WNU Editor: Some are saying that not much should be made from this train movement .... Russia’s “Nuclear Train” Is Not Necessarily What The Media Is Portraying It To Be (Warzone/The drive).

 I disagree. 

When it comes to nuclear weapons both sides are looking at each other very closely. That is why I am sure that every movement is now being done with a certain purpose in mind knowing too well that the other side will be watching.

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