Monday, November 28, 2022

Belarus Foreign Minister Has Died Suddenly At 64


ABC News Australia: Belarus' foreign minister, Vladimir Makei, dies aged 64 but cause of death unknown 

Belarus' foreign minister, Vladimir Makei — a longtime associate of authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko — has died suddenly, aged 64. 

Belarusian authorities did not name the cause of death and Mr Makei was not known to suffer from any chronic illness.

 Prior to becoming foreign minister in 2012, Mr Makei served as Mr Lukashenko's chief of staff and, earlier, had worked as presidential adviser. 

Mr Lukashenko offered his condolences to Mr Makei's family, according to the presidential office.  

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Update #1: Belarus’ top diplomat, ally to president, dies at 64 (AP)  

Update #2: Belarus Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei dies at 64, officials say (CNN)  

WNU Editor: Some Western sources are speculating that he was assassinated on orders from the Kremlin .... Belarus minister who acted as secret go-between with the West 'WAS killed by Kremlin assassins' and 'shaken' dictator Lukashenko now fears for his life, reports claim (Daily Mail). 

I see no evidence to indicate that he was murdered. In Belarus he was always regarded as a close ally to Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, and a friend to Moscow. 

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Anonymous said...

At least he didn’t fall out a skyscraper window.