Friday, November 4, 2022

The Pentagon And US Arms Manufacturers Are Expecting A Surge In Demand For Weapons From U.S. Allies

The Pentagon is seen from the air in Washington, U.S., March 3, 2022, more than a week after Russia invaded Ukraine. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts  

Reuters: Pentagon, U.S. arms makers to talk Russia, labor and supply chain 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Pentagon leaders plan to meet with defense industry executives next week to discuss ways to tackle supply-chain problems, a U.S. official told Reuters, amid an expected surge in demand for weapons from U.S. allies due to Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. 

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kath Hicks will host a classified meeting with top U.S. defense contractors to discuss the National Defense Strategy, securing supply chains and shoring up the defense industrial base, including workforce challenges, spokesperson Eric Pahon told Reuters earlier this week. 

Concern among Pentagon officials is growing that top U.S. defense suppliers will struggle with a surge in orders for weapons from European nations like Germany and Poland, amid growing fears of Russian President Vladimir Putin's ambitions in the region.  

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WNU Editor: I concur with the above analysis. Arms manufacturers are going to be busy for years..


fazman said...

And those who have ordered Russian junk will once again be looking to cancel orders

Anonymous said...

4:14 do they still have left from Ukraine? Id seen everything destroyed.