Thursday, December 8, 2022

A Moment Of Truth From The EU Parliament


WNU Editor: At least there is one EU parliamentarian publicly voicing what is happening in Ukraine today that many EU parliamentarians have choose to ignore..


Anonymous said...

Well, God Bless the Irish.

Nothing like unabashed truth and reality to put a smile on your face.

What she says hits the mark hard.

How many African countries and South American countries have fallen into the IMF debt pit. It will be the same for the Ukies. The debt will come due and they will be forced to sell off assets.

It will be like Russia during the Yeltsin years, a Casino of carpet baggers, hucksters and blood suckers that will cheat and swindle the Ukraine for generations.

Anonymous said...

The Irish are famous for get foreign policy completely wrong every time so this is the biggest endorsement of Ukraine and Zel that I’ve seen recently.

Ireland would be speaking Russian already if they had it “their way”. It’s hard for people who have spent 75 years in peace-time comfort to come to grips with reality.

Maybe there’s more to it than “bad bankers force war upon Ukraine and poor Russia.”

Anonymous said...

There is not going to be a resolution while Zelensky and Biden are in office.

Anonymous said...

Biden is not in office. He is parked there. The door into the Oval Office now bears a handicap sign.

Anonymous said...

Irish politicians are noted for their honesty and bravery

Siege of Jadotville

They would rather turn on their own than face the enemy sort of like Democrats.

"Until the early 21st century, the Irish state did not give much recognition to the battle of Jadotville either. "

Anonymous said...

If you really believe Biden is NOT in the office you are fully stupid. Why dismiss reality? Do you think Trump, Ike, Obama, FDR, and Bush is running the nation?
If so, give us evidence, data, proof instead of juvenile nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Biden called Kamala president many times.

Biden accidentally calls VP ‘President’ Kamala Harris

Biden calls Kamala Harris a ‘great president’ in yet another gaffe

These are bait or Freudian slips. I president should not be baiting the public that many times or for that long.

There is his word salads or speeches, where he trials off.

Biden was installed in office by a political machine. PERIDP! FULL STOP!

I am not stupid, but you (11:55 AM) are FULLY STUPID. Have a fully stupid day; I am positive you will.

Anonymous said...

"A president ..."

Anonymous said...

Found on the web:

"These are not gaffes. These are signs of significant cognitive deficits. Of course Biden is in denial. Of course he’s angry when confronted with this. What’s disturbing is that his family allows him to be exploited and abused emotionally. He needs assistance not the nuclear codes."

Anonymous said...

An English teacher proudly hates the English language

Anonymous said...

giving a quote and not telling who said what got posted is plain stupid. You might be quoting your drunkard uncle
Biden is in charge. Biden got the basketball player back from Russia. Trump when in office did NOT get our former marine back and instead released how many Taliban with nothing in exchange.

Anonymous said...

slow down a bit, cowboy. English teacher s should do this and that, says the link you posted. And yet the bad teacher has no name and is somewhere on tic tok or some other reputable source ?
What was that bad teacher doing that managed to get your pants all twisted?
Ah. Yes. Some anon is cited to prove something or other. WRONG

Anonymous said...

Interested in teachers and our language?

ChatGPT Will End High-School English

Anonymous said...

2:56 aka 2:51 aka _______!

First, I linked 2 articles from a national newspaper. You asked for proof and I gave it to you. You have no counter argument so you go to the next post which is a quote. The quote is stand alone, but you could google it. But why google phrases, when you much rather "(go)ogle" pictures? The argument made by the poster is sound and is what between 1/3RD to 2/3RD of the country thinks.

The Jewish American woman, who the left pillories and goes after, just posts what liberals have posted themselves. Liberals are mortified and angered when you repost what they themselves have posted about themselves. I bet a person who sniffs out pictures as much as you do could back track and find those videos on Tik Tok yourself.

If Chaya had done or I had done it, you would blubber about doxing. You probably will anyway.

Try writing computer code without rules. Language is similar to computer code and you want to express yourself ungrammatically. No one here ever said you were bright.

Anonymous said...

Yup, 3:09 is as bright as a rusted door knob. It didn't read the article it linked. What a maroon!

Anonymous said...

Marta Shaffer, a tenured English teacher at Oroville High School

and yet the bad teacher has no name
Marta Shaffer

and is somewhere on tic tok or some other reputable source ?
Oroville High School

2:56 is such a door post.

Anonymous said...

Zelensky must know this and is likely the IMF inside guy to facilitate this needless war. Didn’t he have million dollar properties in Florida or was that BS? If true, just wow

Anonymous said...

Zelensky could be 5 or 10 million dollars richer today of he had not ran for president or had fled when the old women Dc got cold feet.

So he is not doing this for the money Russian troll.

I have come across some old Nordic sagas that describe how the Vikings made their countries troll free. They shipped them to a penal colony called Moscow.

It explains a lot of things.

Anonymous said...

We’ll technically he is (physically) in office, but He isn’t in control of anything. Trump got a border wall started at least, moved the us embassy in tel aviv to Jerusalem, made peace with North Korea, brought energy independence to the whole nation, shoot, I need more paper