Friday, December 9, 2022

China And Saudi Arabia Sign Tens Of Billions In Deals. Both Heads Of State Agree To Hold Regular Meetings

Image source: Saudi Royal Palace, via AFP/ Getty Images

Zero Hedge: Xi Inks Tens Of Billions In Deals With Saudis, From Huawei Cloud-Computing To Expanded Military Ties 

On the first full day of his visit wherein he was lavishly greeted and given full red-carpet treatment after arrival in the kingdom (clearly more so that Biden's summer trip to Jeddah), Chinese President Xi Jinping met with King Salman and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Thursday, and wide-ranging economic and tech trade agreements were signed to the tune of tens of billions of dollars, along with pledges to expand military cooperation.  

Among the commercial deals made, one name that featured prominently is sure to raise eyebrows in Washington, given the blanket ban and years-long controversy in the states: Huawei. Among the over $29 billion in agreements signed, The Wall Street Journal reports the Saudis are "setting up a Huawei cloud-computing region, building an electric-vehicle manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia and supplying green hydrogen batteries for a futuristic smart city the prince wants to build."  

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WNU Editor: The Middle Eastern media are not the only ones extensively covering this visit. The Chinese media are also reporting on this summit as a major geopolitical change between China and Saudi Arabia .... China, Saudi Arabia deepen relations amid development synergy (Global Times).


Anonymous said...

Jeff Bezos, east coast journalist scum and Joe Biden did this.

Meanwhile the US has progressed to neo-feudalism.

Anonymous said...

Bitter Lake 2

Bretton Woods 2 soon to follow.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much unprecedented is it not? The whole royal family?

If so then the sauds are doing a full court press. It shows the evolving weakness of the US and the growing strength of the Chinese.

On personal level these people can be pretty loyal , but their politicians are two faced and sell you out for a dime if they had to. They are shaping the situation to play both sides and still be around after the smoke clears. No matter who wins.

Anonymous said...

You guys will be perfect together.