Tuesday, December 6, 2022

U.S. Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland Met Ukraine President Zelensky A Day Before Ukraine Launched A Strike Against Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces

Ukrayinska Pravda: Victoria Nuland completed a two-day visit to Kyiv, stayed in the city overnight 

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, decided to stay overnight in Kyiv during a visit to Ukraine. 

She said this at a meeting with journalists in Kyiv, reports "European Pravda". 

Nuland explained that she arrived in Kyiv on Friday. 

"We came together with the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba from the OSCE ministerial meeting, so I had time to talk to him on the train," she explained. 

In two days, she held a significant number of meetings with representatives of the government, parliamentarians (Nuland stressed that they were representatives of various political forces), public activists, and even had a reception at the embassy, which took place subject to non-disclosure of its fact until the end of the visit.  

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Update: Senior State official suggests Ukraine behind drone strikes on Russia (CNN)  

WNU Editor: I have said it more than once over the years. Whenever Victoria Nuland shows-up, the situation worsens.


Anonymous said...

Yep, sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Kh-101s on a Tu-95 Bear. CSIS.org

So let's review the WNU Rules of Engagement (ROE)

- If a Bear is over Ukraine with a Kh-1010, it is a legitimate target.
- If a Bear is over Russia firing into Ukraine with a Kh-1010, it is a illegitimate target.
- If a Bear is in Russia parked on the tarmac waiting to get loaded with Kh-1010s, it is a illegitimate target.

Anonymous said...

A few here must be concerned that "too many" people take the words of WNU seriously. Maybe it's because he has more guts than they can even conceive of.

Anonymous said...

Mazel tav

Anonymous said...

Nuland is a pyromaniac.

Anonymous said...

a. editor is right ..Nuland is an ideological menace. In a past life, she would have been a NKVD Death squad supervisor.

b. 12:13 is a troll or an idiot. How do you jump from concern over different Targets and high political people disappearing to the concept of illegitimate targets and legitimate targets?
That concept did not appear in the editors' comments. Were the aircraft legitimate targets?? Yes, they were. This is war.

But there are consequences for your actions...here it will be the same.

Lastly Always note the type of language used when US officials don't want to tell the truth or have "plausible deniability.

We did not ENCOURAGE the Ukraine
What exactly does that mean?

I can tell you this having worked for those guys..

The US knew this was going to happen before it did.
The US most likely provided support for this operation and does the same for all key operations in the Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Ok school me....how does the following happen??

We came together with the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba from
the OSCE ministerial meeting, so I had time to talk to him on the

she explained.

How in the hell are people still traveling to the Ukraine??

Why are not all the airports destroyed?

Why are the trains still operating??

How is Zelinski and other GOV officials still allowed to talk on TV?
Why are not those commo facilities and transmitters not destroyed.

I am an American and the way we do it is:
in the first week all those items are gone.....completly destroyed ....so the country is

left...deaf dumb and blind.

The Russians are not stupid...they know exactly how we did things in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. They had to have studied these conflicts in their military schools. So, I do not understand what is going on here.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people study. They do not learn and then they leave uni without a degree.

The Russians studied and studied and studied and studied. They still cannot make a decent cadre of NCOs after100 years.

Seen Russians at American universities. Everyone said they were smart. No one doubted it. These same people or their peers run Russia. Yet Russia is FUBAR and cannot produced good cadre of NCOs. Maybe just maybe it is a systemic problem.

Or a feature not a bug.

Anonymous said...

No doubt.....It is a systematic problem with the NCO cadre. This is a cultural hold over from the Soviets.

But it is no excuse at the Strategic level of the Field grade officer leadership and above.

Maybe this was political decision?? What ever it is, they need to learn from their mistakes and quickly.

But the question remains. Why has it still not been done? It defies common sense.

Anonymous said...

The NCOs were merely an example.

Have heard the JOs are not much to write home about either.

With bad NCO's and bad JOs it makes sense that so many colonels and generals die in combat.

Nothing genetically wrong with the Russian people this is systemic and it was caused by a greedy oligarchy.

USA is trying its damnedest to catch up to Russian systemic cupidity.