Friday, January 27, 2023

Lockheed Says It Is Ready With F-16s If The US And Its Allies Decide To Send Them To Ukraine

A US Air Force F-16C taxis in front of Ukrainian Su-27 and MiG-29 fighter jets on the ramp at Mirgorod Air Base, Ukraine, during Exercise Safe Skies 2011 (USAF)  

Financial Times: Lockheed ready with F-16s as Kyiv allies revive debate over fighter jets 

Lockheed Martin has said it stands ready to meet demand for its F-16 aircraft as some of Ukraine’s closest European allies revive efforts to provide fighter jets to Kyiv. 

The US-German decision to send tanks to Ukraine has reignited discussions, which European defence officials cautioned were at an early stage. 

Frank St. John, chief operating officer of Lockheed Martin, the largest US defence contractor, told the FT that there was “a lot of conversation about third party transfer of F-16s” — whereby countries would re-export their US jets to Ukraine to defend its airspace.

Lockheed is not directly involved in talks regarding the potential delivery of military aircraft to Kyiv.  

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Update #1: Lockheed Says It’s Ready With F-16s If US and Allies Choose to Send Them to Ukraine ( 

Update #2: Lockheed Martin stands ready to meet Ukraine’s demand for F-16s (New voice Of Ukraine)  

WNU Editor: The Ukraine government is very confident that they are going to eventually get F-16s .... ‘We will get F-16s’: Ukraine aims for NATO’s fighter jets after winning battle for Western tanks (CNBC). The Netherlands are saying they have a plan to send F-16s to Ukraine .... Netherlands to consider supplying F-16 fighters to Ukraine (AviaciOnline). The experts are saying that sending F-16s is a bad idea .... Ukraine War: F-16s Could Become ‘Cannon Fodder’ For Russian Fighters If Not Accompanied By AWACS — Expert (EurAsian Times).


Anonymous said...

More wasted assets, more wasted money. Too little too late.

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Troll at 2:24? Does it matter? No.

Patton said the person who has "the first with the mostest" usually wins.

So why is the White House not following this very good rule of thumb?

Joe Biden has an excuse. He is demented. but what about his chief of Staff? Klain is reputed to be very smart. The only smart thing i have seen him do, is to quit and cash in over the next two years based on his chief of staff gig. From a personal standpoint that is very smart financially. but what has Ron Klain done that is smart for the country?

I do not expect Klain to be a military genius, but he does not know the maxim of "firstest with the mostest"?

Kamala? Kamala is a ditz. Unknow whether she has already been a ditz or is merely one because since she checked to boxes she never had to apply herself and so her mind atrophied.

Blinken, Ned, Jake and the rest are equally worthless.

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With the F16s will come the American pilots to fly them. The Eagle Squadrons & Flying Tigers of the 21st century. Keep ducking.....

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No one else at the vfw today?

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You keep double-posting.

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