Saturday, February 4, 2023

New York Times Claims Russian Troop Killed And Wounded Nearing 200K, Far Surpassing All Prior Estimates

Ukrainian servicemen fire a mortar toward Russian positions, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, on a frontline near the town of Soledar in Donetsk region, Ukraine January 14, 2023. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty/Serhii Nuzhnenko via REUTERS  

New York Times: Soaring Death Toll Gives Grim Insight Into Russian Tactics 

WASHINGTON — The number of Russian troops killed and wounded in Ukraine is approaching 200,000, a stark symbol of just how badly President Vladimir V. Putin’s invasion has gone, according to American and other Western officials. 

While the officials caution that casualties are notoriously difficult to estimate, particularly because Moscow is believed to routinely undercount its war dead and injured, they say the slaughter from fighting in and around the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut and the town of Soledar has ballooned what was already a heavy toll. 

With Moscow desperate for a major battlefield victory and viewing Bakhmut as the key to seizing the entire eastern Donbas area, the Russian military has sent poorly trained recruits and former convicts to the front lines, straight into the path of Ukrainian shelling and machine guns. The result, American officials say, has been hundreds of troops killed or injured a day.  

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WNU Editor: A fifth of the Russian military killed or wounded!?!?!? But they are still able to sustain the high intensity military operations that they are conducting now!?!?!? Something does not add up. 

NYT Claims Russian Troop Killed And Wounded Nearing 200K, Far Surpassing All Prior Estimates  

Russian casualties in Ukraine are nearing 200,000, with losses from the assault on Bakhmut far out-weighing the city's strategic value, US officials say -- Daily Mail  

Officials say Russian troops killed, wounded in Ukraine approaching 200K: report -- The Hill  

Russian casualties in Ukraine approaching 200,000, says New York Times -- New Voice Of Ukraine 

U.S. Estimates Russian Casualties in Ukraine Nearing 200K – NYT (Moscow Times)  

NYT Claims Russian Troop Deaths Nearing 200K, Far Surpassing All Prior Estimates (Zero Hedge)


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter even if its true. They don't grab their pearls and cry over casulaties like our western libtard politicians and their sheeple do.

Saving Mother Russia is supreme.

Anonymous said...

you don't cry since all you do is tell others to die and not to cry...keep shooting (mouth)big guy

Caecus said...

Ukraine is reinforcing its defenses in X, a city of strategic value
Russia is attacking X but is unlikely to take it
Russia might take X but it has no strategic value
Russia is taking X but the city is of no value, experts say
Russia has conquered X, but has sustained massive losses

Anonymous said...

All on Putin for this senseless war..

Anonymous said...

If the Russians were not taking massive casualties then why retreat. The 1st retreat we were told was strategic. But then why retreat form Kharkiv and then Kherson?

The casualty talk is not one Putin wants to have. Maybe it is not 200,000, but it is not the lowball number given out by The Kremlin. If it is, then why ever retreat?

Inside Wagner's 'human wave' death squads: Insider reveals the details of horrifying tactics that see convicts sent to their doom in groups of eight after being shown deserters being executed on video

Without burning convicts would the Russians have any success in the last 2 months? There is a limited number of convicts. Convicts may be and many are bad people, but I would think that you would keep contracts you make with them. Using the most wasteful tactics tow kill two birds with one rock, can backfire.

Apparently, it did for Rome. Some people were awfully butt hurt about the tactics used at the Frigidus River.

People are not throw away. You might think so, but they are not. Consider San Francisco. Why is it gay?

Anonymous said...

NYT says... LOL

Anonymous said...

Exactly...NYT = Russia gate, covid shot safe, and hunters computer is Russian ploy.

200k killed unlikely. Probably around 30 to 60 k. If that much. No one is doing human wave attacks. Why? Because this story is from 1 or 2 ukies soldiers. There are Aussie and others saying no the story is untrue.
So assessment. Story is unknown. Unless you got film of mass wave attacks like VIETNAM or iran vs
Iraq. From the russo ukie war front line

Anonymous said...

NYT showing the deep staters that they can get in front of them on this.

Notice they don't cite unnamed govt sources for this claim. In fact, they quote them as saying that the actual number is impossible to guess. Doesn't stop the NYT from pushing the number forward, unto six gorillion perhaps?

Anonymous said...

NY Times still called the paper of record. and your sources? you won't even name them.

Anonymous said...

NYT has zero credibility. Only fools and tools believe their "news" (propaghanda) stories

Bill said...

The triple standard of honesty: The Russian political machine, the American political machine and the New York Times

Anonymous said...

NYT are the ones not naming their sources.

Anonymous said...

The last BBC assessment from only 2 weeks ago said that the number was 12,000. That number was arrived at, they claim, by meticulously digging through russian govt records, leaks, and even AI's that trawl the russian social media websites for evidence of funerals. What is the NYT source? US govt officials.

Anonymous said...

"We did everything we could, we were superior fighters every step of the way, but Russia simply used human wave tactics to overwhelm us."

This will be the cope that MSM zombies attach themselves to during the incoming capitulation. Stories like this are just laying the foundation for such arguments.

Anonymous said...

This is a real war with real casualty numbers. And where is the u.s. peace movement? lol

Anonymous said...

Nuland you mean.

Anonymous said...

You went kind of Freudian there at the end. What is your favorite food?