Sunday, March 26, 2023

Pentagon Struggles To Feed Its War Machine

A U.S. volunteer teaches Ukrainian soldiers how to use a Javelin missile at a base outside Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, April 28, 2022. (Lynsey Addario/The New York Times)  

New York Times: From Rockets to Ball Bearings, Pentagon Struggles to Feed War Machine 

WASHINGTON — The Navy admiral had a blunt message for the military contractors building precision-guided missiles for his warships, submarines and planes at a moment when the United States is dispatching arms to Ukraine and preparing for the possibility of conflict with China. 

“Look at me. I am not forgiving the fact you’re not delivering the ordnance we need. OK?” Adm. Daryl Caudle, who is in charge of delivering weapons to most of the Navy’s East Coast-based fleet, warned contractors during an industry gathering in January. “We’re talking about war-fighting, national security, and going against a competitor here and a potential adversary that is like nothing we’ve ever seen. And we can’t dillydally around with these deliveries.” 

His open frustration reflects a problem that has become worryingly apparent as the Pentagon dispatches its own stocks of weapons to help Ukraine hold off Russia and Washington warily watches for signs that China might provoke a new conflict by invading Taiwan: The United States lacks the capacity to produce the arms that the nation and its allies need at a time of heightened superpower tensions.  

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WNU Editor: If the US Department of Defense is having supply chain problems. You have to wonder where is all the money going, and more importantly, how is it being managed .... How the Pentagon's $842B budget is the largest in its history and still may be inadequate (FOX News).


Anonymous said...

WNU = Mr. Fair and Balanced

Kazakhstan has seized Russian assets at Baikonur Cosmodrome for nonpayment of rent. So Russia is making more money with oil exports than before?
Roscosmos Dies In Ukraine

The T14 Armata is essentially a mock up. It is why none have been involved in fighting in Ukraine.

Russia still has problems with the RS-28, which is stationed at Orenburg.

MIG went out of business and was folded into another company.

You get a little about this from Mr. Fair and Balanced blogger but not much.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you post the stories here yourself then Mr. Brzezinski. If they're real, of course.

Anonymous said...

Why don’t you just turn on the mainstream news if you want your daily fix of anti-Russian porn? Most of us come here for the news and insight you can’t really get anywhere else.

Anonymous said...


Gee Skods

Are you and the real " Mr Fair and Balanced". having a bad hair day? Well skoda, that is what happens when you believe in the good ukie fairy and with then with the truth of time the propaganda balloon pops.

Don't worry Gents. Trump and Desantis both agree that our participation in the Ukraine does not fit US National security necessities or have strategic value for America.

Maybe we will get out of this mess before our Fed piggy bank breaks and we can start fixing problems at home.

Have a wonderfull day!!

Anonymous said...

When you do a a blog post of the number of IUS bases, you should so do on on the number Russian and Chinese bases.

Otherwise, it is all WNU porn.

Anonymous said...

"Rise and fall of Great powers" paul kennedy..

When you over extend, it is near the end😲😁

Anonymous said...


Russia - 9
China - 2
USA - 85


Did that make the point you were thinking?

Anonymous said...

and Russia and China both trying to play catchup, with the invasion of Ukraine for starters for Putin and China eyeballing
its neighbors
so what is your point? America ahead in this game with bases to protect those nations where we have bases and China and Russian to conquer those nations they have in mind to expand their possessions.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to make any point, I'm simply showing that I went and checked what you told us to. In regards to your last statement: would you say those 85 host nations are America's possessions?

Anonymous said...

Nice list. They are defendable.

Many of those bases in the countries of NATO allies. If the allies do not want them there they can always ask them to leave. The Russians would have more, but wouldn't you know it, but not one Warsaw pact country wants the Russians back. So the Russian lost all those bases.

How many bases did the Russians lose, when the Poles, Germans, Romanians, Bulgarian, Hungarians, Estonians, Latvian, and Lithuanians told the Russians to leave?

The American have Pine Gap in Australia and one on Ascension Island, not a lot of tanks, trigger pullers or other like that at those bases. These are for complete coverage of satellites and other objects in earth orbit. It would be stupid to ask Space Force to do their jobs without those facilities.

I saw a lot of "airports" Those are logistics hubs. I would assume that at least some of the n the Caribbean supply the US Coast Guard which interdicts drugs. Take Singapore. What is it? There is a logistics supply point there. Also in Singapore their are airbases. If you agree to a defense pact, if they get in trouble it is nice to an airbase to fly in reinforcements to back them up.

The African map were interesting. It show the US in Niger. Is it bad that the US is there. Well the US is helping to fight jihadis there. Is that wrong? We know, who is there, because spec ops was ambushed there. The spec ops there do not have a lot of fire power, they are there mainly to advice local military. I notice looking at the lost and map that the Russians do not have a base in CAR. Why. They slip through the definition because they have Wagner there. So the list is a lie by omission.

You list 9 for the Russians. This is lie. Abkhazia has 2 Russian bases. Belarus also has two bases. So that makes the count at least 11. Don't worry the count will go down after the Kazakhs kick the Russians out due to default on rent for Baikonur Cosmodrome.

"The United States has military bases in 85 countries and territories" So With Netherland you count each Dutch island in the Caribbean. Those bases on Dutch islands are basically glorified PO boxes for the shipment of supplies to the USCG and things like that.

If I were a political candidate having to defend the bases against some airhead like AOC it would be easy. Since you are compromised due to your residency and -profession, you are no more difficult to debate than AOC.

I also see the US ruins a radar station in Israel. That is both for research and to know what is going on in Syria as part of force protection.

All very defensible.

Remember ask Why 5 times.
When I think of you, I think "I pity the fool!"

Anonymous said...

"That's around 600 billion yen, so Japan is in fact paying much more for the U.S. forces here than the United States itself."

So the US has several bases in Japan. They have protected Japan against the USSR/Russia, China and North Korea.

Japan pays for over 50% of the costs of troops there. After Trump they pay even more.

The troops stationed in Japan backstop the ones in South Korea, where there is no peace treaty. They are needed for logistics points, air bases to provide air cover and more.

So keep hammering the base count and using the ask why 5 times to find at least 3 legs to stand on at each level all the way to the grassroots at the ground level.

Anonymous said...

"According to U.S. documents from 2004, Japan pays more than 70 percent of the cost of hosting U.S. forces, as compared to between 30 and 40 percent in South Korea"

Anonymous said...

Most Russian ground forces in Syria returned to Russia because of the war in Ukraine.

Russia is being sucked dry.

"In May Syrian leader Bashar Assad made an unannounced visit to Iran, apparently to negotiate how Syria and Iran would take over Russian bases and any Russian equipment left behind"

Anonymous said...

@7:32 You tried to dissect the numbers provided by wikipedia by quibbling about the numbers 9 and 85. Those are not the number of total bases, but the number of host nations. The number of total US bases is over 750 plus who knows how many classified ones in Africa.

Anonymous said...

2:38 good luck I hope you find eternity

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those are not the number of total bases, but the number of host nations.

You effing failed again. It must be a natural gift of yours.

When you break out every Dutch possession in the Caribbean as a separate entry instead of just rolling it up the the country of the Netherlands, you inflate the count.

Also it is not quibbling to point out that Russian would have a far higher country except that the old Warsaw pact nations loathe Russia




Anonymous said...

t 2:38 PM
if you can not get this stuff from anywhere else, where does this stuff come from? thin air?

Anonymous said...


The editor who has inside information. And some of the commentators, who are very knowledgeable. We have several former military , at least one historian and maybe one or two spooks

But in the interest of self disclosure we also have Skoda, Mr. fair and balanced, Chris and Fazzman. So it is a well balanced yin and yang presentation.

Something you do not see on the MSM

Anonymous said...

Btw. The mis representation of the truth [ lies] involved with the host nation stuff is correct. You count bases not host countries. Each base has its own purpose and more importantly cost factor.

This quibbiling/ used car salesman tactic of using non defined terms and therefore lies, is a favorite of mr. Fair and balanced. He and the MSM are tricky for the unwary

Anonymous said...

your rectum reeks as it rots on my porch rod. I keep your torso alive for sport.