Friday, March 24, 2023

Russian Pilot Explains How They Intercepted US MQ-9 Reaper Drone Over The Black Sea


EurAsian Times: Russian Pilots ‘Spill The Beans’ On How They Intercepted US MQ-9 Reaper Drone Over The Black Sea 

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu awarded the Order of Courage to the pilots that ‘downed’ the US MQ-9 Reaper drone over the Black Sea.

Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry said a US MQ-9 drone plunged into the Black Sea after engaging in sharp maneuvering, noting that Russian fighter jets sent to intercept it did not come into contact with it nor used weapons against it. 

The ministry said the air control of the Russian Aerospace Forces recorded the drone’s flight in the Crimean peninsula’s region in the direction of the Russian border.  

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Update #1: Moscow honors pilot who crashed US drone, Washington labels him ‘at best an idiot’ (Al Arabiya/AA)  

Update #2: Russia warns US not to fly over Black Sea, honors pilots who forced drone to crash (Stars and Stripes)  

WNU Editor: The US has a different opinion on the incident .... Kirby on Russia giving award for hitting US drone: pilot was ‘at best, just an idiot’ (The Hill). More here .... White House says Russian pilot who ran into a US drone and broke it was, at best, 'an idiot' (Insider).  

Update #3: US drones appear to be using a different Black Sea route since this incident .... US flying surveillance drones farther south over Black Sea after collision with Russian fighter jet, officials say (CNN). More here .... The US is flying drones farther from Russia to be less 'provocative' after a Russian jet harassed and smashed into one, making it crash: report (Insider).


Anonymous said...

Kirby is a lieing sob.
All you have to do is look at the tactics of Eric Hartmann. Very similar in that there is little consideration for your own personal safety or the condition of your aircraft.

Putting yourself intentionally in harm's way is what defines being a hero in military culture.
Kirby is just doing his Joe Gobbels immitation for the good of the narrative.

Anonymous said...

To ignore the humanity of your enemy suggests the enemy is within.

Anonymous said...

Cossacks of the Air 👏

Anonymous said...

Put a drone up and protect it with a dozen F-16's. Let see how heroic the Commies are then.

Anonymous said...


You could do that. You have to ask your self, why did they not do that in the first place?

But also consider, If everything was above board and only done with perfectly peaceful intent.....

Why was the drone flying with transponders off when it was clearly over international waters And in being so, would be in no danger?

Also consider, military people are not stupid, they had to know that an aircraft approaching an adversary borders with no identification could be considered a threat. Why do they know?

Because being military folks, they would feel the same if it was thier borders approached by an un responsive aircraft.

More to this than meets the eye on this one.