Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Ukraine President Zelensky Says Ukraine May Pull Out Of Bakhmut


Reuters: Zelenskiy Indicates Ukraine Could Pull Out of Bakhmut if Russians Close In 

KYIV (Reuters) - President Volodymyr Zelenskiy thanked Poland for its "historic" help in rallying Western support for Ukraine during a visit to Warsaw and said Ukrainian troops were still fighting for Bakhmut in the east but could withdraw if they risked being cut off.

Poland has provided vital weaponry to Kyiv since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February last year and taken in millions of Ukrainian refugees. During Zelenskiy's visit, Warsaw announced it would send 10 more MiG fighter jets to Kyiv on top of four provided earlier. 

Polish President Andrzej Duda said Warsaw was also working to secure additional security guarantees for Ukraine at a NATO summit to be held in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius in July.  

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Update #1: Zelenskyy on situation in Bakhmut: If we face threat of encirclement and bigger losses, there will be corresponding decisions (Ukrayinska Pravda)  

Update #2: Zelensky: Situation in Bakhmut remains 'complicated' (Kyiv Independent)  

WNU Editor: There are reports that three quarters of Bakhmut is now under Russian control .... Russian forces claim to 'legally' control Bakhmut, but Ukraine says fighting is still raging (NBC News). There are also reports that all roads going into Bakhmut are under Russian fire-control. If true, it may be difficult if not impossible for Ukraine to pull out of the city if the order comes in..


Anonymous said...

After this war is over, it will be interesting to find out about the "tunnel war" that is probably being fought. The classic WWI technique was to start a major offensive by detonating giant mines under enemy lines, such as when 10,000 Germans were killed by mines during the Battle of Messines. A good movie on the subject:

Hans Persson said...

Yeah, the fighting is around the city, that's why we only see videos today named "near" or "outside" Bakhmut. But why would they abandon the strategic hills overlooking the city? Or is this just more hyping?

Anonymous said...

Operational Mad Minute. Russians are losing.

Anonymous said...

If they are smart, they will not abandon those hills until the last minute.

When those hills are abandoned, either now or later, it will be a sign the Ukrainians are retreating/bugging out.

The russians are losing? If they are, then why are they not the ones retreating?

A mad minuet. I bet the Ukrainians wish they has enough ammo to do one.

And once again a question.

If those hills have entrenched troops in the defense , why don't the Russians just drop MOABs on these locations and then occupy the hills?

Its questions like these that really make you wonder.

Hans Persson said...

I've seen videos of Ukies destroying tanks, equipment and soldiers from up those hills.
Russians do try to bomb the crap out of it, but I guess they cant come close enough to actually see what they are supposed to hit. It's pretty far to the city and the hills have great views all around and without air superiority they cant get close.

Hans Persson said...

And its not like its small hills, i would call them mountains.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the update.

I will just say this. You hit those hills with a MOAB on each, no one will be doing anything from those hills again.

When? 2 am in the morning. preferably a cloudy night with a low ceiling.

Just the concussion wave would be enough to kill or wound every troop.

To attack complex like that. You do it in stages

Pre op and during the op. You have the target area under constant surveillance. Mission: observe, detect and report enemy ada sites by type and location.

1. Send in drones. These are sacrificial aircraft. You want the ukies to shoot at them to see where and what type of ADA they have.

2, Then you send in fast movers. Again with the first passes being decoy ops.

Then you bring in fast movers with harm missiles and Napalm to kill all the ADA sites you just gathered intel on.

Lastly , Once the ada is significantly reduced. You bring in what ever you want to do the final kill. like the MOAB

Anonymous said...

MIG 29s are starting to pour in. Thowe poor Russian pilots are an endangered species.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the trannies will perform in their F-35’s when they have to fight an actual war.

Anonymous said...

About as good a s the Ukie trainees will.

They will never be able to graduate flight school

Anonymous said...

The Mig 29 guys

Good luck and Gods speed

You will need it

RussInSoCal said...

ormer U.S. President Bill Clinton regrets that he convinced the Ukrainian authorities to give up nuclear weapons in 1994.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) April 4, 2023

Hans Persson said...


I have no idea why the Russians aren't doing it, they are constantly trying something over there. But what the videos shows is that they cant even come close at all. I have no idea what kind of help and information the Ukies get from NATO but it seems to help.

Yesterday I saw multiple videos of Russians trying to advance during the night but Ukies thermo drones picked them up and all combat squads just got destroyed by precise arty strikes. The view was very far away, so it has to be hell to try anything.

Anonymous said...

Yes the god-weapon known only as MiG-29. An undefeatable weapon platform designed and built by the best in the world. The Russians will drop to their knees and weep when they see this new and profound technology for the first time.

Anonymous said...

God Weapon? No

Begin to even up the score in the air? Yes.

Without air superiority, russians on the ground are meat

Anonymous said...

mad minute does not translate well

B.Poster said...

The videos themselves may be fake. While I don't know for certain, the US government and their media surrogates haven't exactly been trustworthy. As for Ukraine, the comedian/actor Zelensky is very good at messaging. Furthermore I doubt the mainstream media are going to let us see anything that doesn't present Ukraine and Zelensky in the best possible light.

B.Poster said...

I always thought that was a dumb move on the part of Ukraine. Good poker players these Ukrainians and our (US) leadership class they're not!!

Hans Persson said...

They are not fake, with the clear view of the surroundings and geolocations of the videos. But of course they may as well be taken out of context like many of them.

Anonymous said...

Kremlin sock puppet B Poster has been resurrected. Mad minute indeed.

good to know

Russia is losing.

Anonymous said...

7:11. apr 6

B poster does a lot better job than you, you slob.

Russia is not losing , you dork. That is the stupidest thing posted on this board.

If Russian forces are advancing . If Russian forces have taken 90% of Bakhmut and the Ukrainians are in retreat, how can the Russians be losing?

Bottom line: they are not. Are they ponderous? yes. Are they negligent or incompetent? From a military viewpoint, the word that best fits is "kludge" like.

But losing? No.

And Sock puppets? Look in the mirror. You need to get your comments in line with reality and kick that airplane glue habit you have.

Looking at what you have said, you leave no room for you to criticize anyone.

Anonymous said...

Russia is running out of EW jamming equipment. Poor slobs. Drones paid for in bottle caps can take out the rest.

Look at what I said,. Will I be sued? No. Because trolls do not sue especially if they are working for a foreign government.

So pick up your marbles and bark all the way home with your tail between your legs.

B.Poster said...

To take out of context is to mislead which is to lie hence the term fake. Of course I wouldn't rule out 100% fakers. In the US media, for the most part any critique of Zelensky or our involvement here is forbidden.

Hans Persson said...


How you know they're running out of anything?

Anonymous said...

9 00 a.m.
You truly are an ideological skreeding idiot, aren't you?

That's how to tell possible gov employees assigned to monitor and troll these blogs.

No matter what happens, they always try to reinforce the BLOB narrative.

The Russians are losing? How in the hell do you know? Do they give you special compartmentalized Intel at your cubicle?
Ok, so how are the Russians losing? And if the Russians are losing, are you then implying that the ukies are winning?

Answer the following fing questions Einstein

If Russian forces are advancing . If Russian forces have taken 90% of Bakhmut and the Ukrainians are in retreat, how can the Russians be losing?

If the Russians still control large parts of ukie territory in the donbass, Crimea and other Provinces , then how are the Russians losing?

So like I said, unless you have access to special Intel that we do not have , you are a pathetic liar.

Not only that. If you actually believe what you say ,then you truly are a deluded, moronic, parroting pathetic dolt who is totally out of touch with reality.

In the interest of self disclosure I will say, no, I have no idea who is going to win this conflict.

But one thing I do know. The Ukrainians are definitely NOT winning it, and currently the Russians are not losing it either. Still a toss up.

To everyone else...Have a great day.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hans look for leading and lagging indicators. Where I live car theft and carjacking are a problem. I saw this overseas as well. Good _______ would steal cars cross the border and sell to other good _______. So I was in the mindset that car theft is mainly about stealing cars to send them to chop shops and selling their parts.

One of the top officials in the region made a big hoo ha about funding a task force to tackle carjacking. They said carjackings are a precursor to other crimes like robberies and burglaries. I guess that is easier than switching license plates to try to fool police.

I think in the near future switching license plates will get you pulled over almost immediately when license plate readers not only read a license plate number but also the make and model of car. AO could then notify police and steer them to the current location of the vehicle.

I am assuming that stolen car is good for a few hours or for one night before it is reported or police start looking for it.

Point is there is a positive correlation between car theft and other crime. The car theft comes first so it is a leading indicator for an incipient crime. I never had considered that before today, but journalism here is just peachy.

Anonymous said...

Nice essay about Lead and lagging indicators. Ok, fine

Instead of crime, why did you not make it germane to the conversation and use Russian and Ukrainian logistical or operational examples??

Or was the purpose of your essay another of your mis direction attempts to try to mislead us?

Apply your statements to the War and get to the point of what assumptions you are trying to prove, Mr Fair and balanced.

You GS guys are not as smart as you think you are, but your arrogance does show.

Old USMC saying

Well Devil Dogs, How can you identify a slug? By the trail of slime he always leaves behind him.

Anonymous said...

Hans is a smart guy. I gave him an example. If he reads a few or the right sites on the topic, he will figure it out. And then he can start scoring his efforts and adjust fire.

But it bothers the Hell out of you. How are you going to troll effectively when you do not know what is what. Which begs the question. How effective are you at your job? You are Karine Jean-Pierre effective at trolling.

Who have you convinced?

Fred? If he is a real person, Fred will pull whatever lever the DNC tells him to pull.

I think it is fair to say, the answer is no one.

But it is a good job.. You might be slogging it out here getting nowhere, but at least you are not slogging it out in the mud putting your white hiney at risk.

So you pretend to be a Marine today. As if your typical marine would be so dismissive of GS. More than a few marines leave service and get GS jobs. So your rhetoric rings hollow my man.

Anonymous said...

GS is a job that serves the blob. To a Marine, you are a puke civilian.

But you keep thinking you are doing the right thing. Live your fantasy, bud. Keep the MSM narrative falsehoods going.

But do not try to lie , changing the subject, or make excuses. I have seen your crap before...

Your words

he can read the right side of things,
that was implied,
It is a given
any one can see

And the rest of your jackass excuses when you screw up and do not want to admit you are wrong.

You are an arrogant, ideological jerk. Who, when he gets caught in lie, or when his argument is shown to be crap, always tries to weasel out of it. And when you are caught, and questions are asked of you, you always refuse to answer the questions and your only response is to run away. . Your actions show you to be a gutless coward.

so it fits you...the trail of slime.

Don't forget your cac card when you leave today.

Anonymous said...

He hits. He scores.


Anonymous said...

Ukrain never , never had nuclear weapons that’s a fact take it to the bank .

Anonymous said...

It is only a propaganda and deception to lure more russians into the meat grinder...

Anonymous said...

It might be deception, but it is also a crying shame.

The Kremlin would not hesitate to take a shot at Zelensky. The Western world should not hesitate to take a shot at Putin.

Tired of world leaders fighting to the last poor or middle class male. Start at the top of the pyramid until and keep cropping until everyone gets along.

In the meantime we have to kill Russians.

Also add propaganda trolls in there with world leaders.

Anonymous said...

atlast PZelensky teaching russians the hard way. Im sure no one got this. More power Ukraine.

Hans Persson said...

Still people think that Putin can't "take out" zelensky or whatever it's suposse to be spelled.

One thing from this war that still surprises me is the restraints from Russia. It's like they want to fight with just one hand.