Monday, April 3, 2023

Was A Sailboat Used In The Nord Stream Attacks?

Investigators skeptical of yacht’s role in Nord Stream bombing © Oliver Denzer/Reuters  

Washington Post: Investigators skeptical of yacht’s role in Nord Stream bombing 

After saboteurs severely damaged the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines last September, German officials zeroed in on a rented sailboat that appeared to have taken part in planting explosive devices deep below the surface of the Baltic Sea. 

But after months of investigation, law enforcement officials now suspect that the 50-foot yacht, the Andromeda, was probably not the only vessel used in the audacious attack. They also say the boat may have been a decoy, put to sea to distract from the true perpetrators, who remain at large, according to officials with knowledge of an investigation led by Germany’s attorney general. They spoke on the condition of anonymity to share details about the active inquiry, including doubts about the Andromeda’s role that haven’t been previously reported.  

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WNU Editor: I have trouble believing that the above sailboat was responsible for destroying a $10 billion pipeline. And yes .... no one in the West wants to know who was really responsible for the Nord Stream attacks .... West ‘not so eager to find out’ who bombed Nord Stream – WaPo (RT).


Anonymous said...

Th sailboat would need enough cargo capacity to carry enough tanks for divers to go down to each spot for a set amount time each point of explosion.

The Baltic Sea around Swedish waters is Russia's back yards. Messing with the Swedish Navy was a graduation exercise for Russian sub crews. They know the area well.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter how ridiculous the coverup sounds. The best you can do is just muddy the waters. It's ultimately not for the consumption of critical thinkers. All that matters is there is just something that the NPCs can reference in all their disingenuous facebook arguments with Aunt Wilma in weeks and years to come.

Jac said...

An other Biden disaster.

Hans Persson said...

Would an AWACS be detectable if it was on "scramble" mode?
What I'm getting at is that for sure whoever did this would not be silly enough to leave radar evidence, so whatever is in this "report" is probably fake.
I've heard of stuff like this before, like the MH370.

This is just my morning conspiracy, but its actually kinda good :P

Ron said...

Everybody in the west knows who did it, but you don't snitch on the Godfather.

Anonymous said...

No no, sail boat. I would have to be extremely large. I'm not talking a 50 or 60 footer I mean like an old type ocean scooner. Why?

Decompression tanks are too big for a normal size boat

You are looking at hard hat diving for this op.

The weight and cube the explosives needed. You need special equipment to get it to the target.

I read about this weeks ago. This is the bs story of the WP and I believe the Germans.

No , no sail boat

Anonymous said...

Russians did it. They would not have to pass by Copenhagen undetected.

Anonymous said...

the deep state did it

Anonymous said...

name Andromeda already knows the origin, Germany or USA, just don't see those who don't research this name linked to them in military missions

Hans Persson said...