Thursday, May 25, 2023

German Government Being Urged To Transfer Long Range Missiles With A Range Of 400 - 500 Kilometers To Ukraine


The New Voice of Ukraine: German MP urges transfer of German long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine 

Berlin does not possess a substantial number of these highly accurate guided missiles, with only 150 operational of the 600 purchased ten years ago, but it would be “far more beneficial to use them in Ukraine rather than storing them in Germany,” he said. 

“Ukraine’s partners should now take a gamble and provide the country with everything it can utilize for a multi-domain, interrelated use of various types of weaponry, within the bounds of international law,” he said. 

Taurus missiles, with a range of 400-500 kilometers, would make a “highly valuable contribution from Germany,” he said, emphasizing that Ukraine should receive all types of weaponry used by NATO, and there should be no more “red lines.”  

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Update #1: Germany may transfer Taurus KEPD 350 long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine (Eastern Herald)  

Update #2: Germany’s Taurus Cruise Missile Could Be The Next For Ukraine (Warzone/The Drive)  

WNU Editor: These long range missiles, if delivered, will be used to destroy the Crimea bridge, and to strike deep into Russia. These missiles also have the range to strike the suburbs of Moscow from the Ukraine border. 

Sighhh .... 

In the event that these missiles (or the U.S. ATACMS) are delivered to Ukraine, and Ukraine uses these missiles to launch strikes deep into Russia that includes Moscow (and there is no doubt in my mind that this is what Kyiv will do), that is when I am going to bug-out of the city to a place far away from urban centers. 

To me it is a given that Russia will retaliate not against Ukraine, but against NATO targets. And that is when World War 3 will officially start.


fazman said...

They can already destroy the bridge with storm shadow..relaxe wnu

Anonymous said...

Rep. Jim Jordan Sends Letter to FBI Demanding J6 Pipe Bomber Update – FBI Has Information on Suspect’s License Plate Number But Have Made No Arrests?

So they are prosecuting people, who walked through the capitol building or were within a few hundred or thousand feet of it, but they are not prosecuting an actual bomber.

Set up.

The government set this up.

Anonymous said...

This was a German MP who said this. A nobody. Unless they are going to actually send them, I would not worry.

But if they do send them or ATACMS
The editors advice should be followed.

Anonymous said...

WNU Editor is unfortunately becoming increasingly fantasy prone (and hysterical) in his analysis. While it is almost certain that Ukraine will attempt to destroy the Crimean Bridge again, and might send long distance attacks against military targets (such as the airbases where Russia's missile attacks originate, ammunition and supply depots, and critical military infrastructure in the staging areas close to Ukraine), I think the odds of Ukraine deliberately targeting civilians - especially in any kind of mass attack near Moscow - is very low. And for anything outside Ukrainian territory (as of 2014), it probably would not use Western weapons but its own.

Attacks against civilians would not help Ukraine achieve any of its military aims. It would only alienate its Western supporters to whom they are dependent on resupply. And it would risk the growing anti-war movement in Russia. What benefit would Ukraine get? There would be some psychological benefit for making attacks on Russians in payment for Russia's attacks on civilians (which I note WNU Editor has always defended for its "military value"), but successful attacks on military targets inside Russia would achieve almost the same thing.

Why would Russia attack NATO when it is already losing the war in Ukraine? It cannot handle any more enemies. The results would be an immediate blockade of all Russia's ports, losing all of Russia's export and import routes except for its land connections. The Kaliningrad exclave would likely be overrun in short order. NATO airpower would destroy much of the Russian air force and air defenses. And Russia would need to divert much of its army away from Ukraine to defend its other borders. This simply weakens the Russian war effort for no benefit.

The only reason why, as WNU Editor implied, is that Putin wants nuclear war and would willingly destroy all of Russia as long as it takes out some of its other enemies. Is Putin really that deranged? Is his inner circle that deranged that they would let him? Or once they realized their own lives would end, would they take out Putin in some way. They might not end the war in Ukraine, but they certainly would prevent mass-suicide and the destruction of Russia.


Anonymous said...

You are assuming the Ukrainians are rational actors. They are not. They are sending kids and girls to the front. Assassinated journalists and other civilians.

Your claims are non sequitur. Have the Ukrainians pushed back the Russians to the old border lines? No? then how are the Russians losing?
It is pretty much self evident that the Ukrainians have lost a lot more men than the Russians, so how are the Russians losing?
Can the Ukrainians fight this war by themselves? No , so how are the Russians losing.

Given the amount of hate shown by the Ukrainians, killing civilians and boasting about it, shooting prisoners and laughing about it. Creating kill lists for targets of non Ukrainian civilians world wide, these are not rational individuals.

No, they are desperate individuals and are perfectly capable of hiting moscow or any other area. But why would they do such a thing? Easy. Vindictiveness and revenge.

You are just making bull shit excuses to give them the weapons by down playing the risks.

These were also the idiots who said Russia attacked Poland when it was a ukie missle that hit poland.
Your analysis as well as your logic Sucks.

Anonymous said...

Well hate to say it but after what the german intel official said and the current state of the Ukrainian economy, 3:42 has a point.

The Ukrainians are the drowning man. And who ever helps them, they need to careful.

Because a drowning person is desperate, and if the lifeguard is not careful, they can get pulled down too.

Anonymous said...

No worry, this is Chris. He always says that those he does not agree with are "in fantasy land or hysterical "

It's the pot calling the kettle black.

Not the brightest tool in the shed.

Anonymous said...

Well all I could say is that after the wars end only 2 percent of population will live in a underground earth. 00000. Rip 2024

Anonymous said...

Russian will nuke soon on September 20 2023

Anonymous said...

I truly feel it coming

Anonymous said...

I like exact dates, but have to ask. Why September 20th 2023?

Anonymous said...

But outher county's will b at war 2 even Korean and Iranian warfare 2024

Anonymous said...

Ok very ugly and Japan and the chinese?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon

David said...

How come nobody was worried about nuclear war with 65.000 dead Americans during Vietnam dying in a proxy war being supplied y russia and china?

Anonymous said...


What David said + 1.0 x 10 ^ 100

fazman said...

Chris makes far more sense

Anonymous said...

go back to turcopolier

Anonymous said...

get serious

Anonymous said...

Fazman rule.

The issue is therefore decided.

Sorry Chris, since fazman says you make far more sence, we automatically know that you make far less sence.

Anonymous said...

Fazman rule rules!

Anonymous said...

@5:55 Because we knew that we would never nuke ourselves over it?? What a silly question. This time the shoe is on the other foot and we don't control the military being provoked.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is stupid to join the russian war everybody knows it is big stupidity.

Let alone the stupid be the stupidiest.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the Germans are fully on board for war with Russia. Sending a squadron of clapped out Leopard panzers that they know will be knocked out by the Russians at the earliest opportunity is one thing. Sending modern V2s to bombard Moscow is another. With the USA & Norway destroying the Nordstream pipelines & thereby causing the German economy to be FUBARed, I should think that the next German government might want better relations with Moscow for trade & might decide to leave NATO which has become an offensive weapon for the USA.

Anonymous said...

I support the team. Got season tickets. Take my girlfriend to events. Sometimes my wife.

Anonymous said...

@David 5:55

great question

I think because of several factors

1. For the last few years especially, but also beforehand, there's a growing sentiment among the "elite" that we have too many people .. ok might be, lets see

2. Same people hail the onset of AI and automation and project that 60% will become unemployed by 2030 and beyond

3. Same people, who promote the culling of the human herd, have said that if we have that many unemployed people they will revolt (and overthrow them) - which is very plausible

4. Notice how all this "doomsday" talk about climate change and destroying the planet accelerated under them too? It's because they want to reduce our numbers.. always said so, and at one point you better believe they mean it

5. Covid-19, policies, "vaccines".. those were soft kill weapons. And rememeber - they, the WHO, bill gates etc told us in thousands of interviews that "it would get worse and worse and it would never end and we need all these injections". Back then people like me (you know, scientists with degrees in the actual field) were censored and called conspiracy theorists.. fast forward to today and you can see the onset of death and sterility thanks to those vaccines. Luckily people pushed back, so we only see about 5-15% higher death rates than in other years

Up to you to wake up, it's coming even if you sleep. In fact, they count on you being asleep.

Anonymous said...

Sleep is king

Anonymous said...

U fools