Monday, May 29, 2023

US Senator Lindsay Graham Denies Calling Russian Deaths ‘A Good Investment’


Reuters: Dismissing Russian Criticism, U.S. Senator Graham Praises Ukrainian Resistance 

(Reuters) -U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham disputed Russian criticism of his support for Ukraine on Sunday, saying he had simply praised the spirit of Ukrainians in resisting a Russian invasion with assistance provided by Washington.

Graham, shown in a video clip of his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Kyiv on Friday, acknowledged his host's praise for military assistance valued at $38 billion since the outset of the conflict in February 2022. 

He described the help as "the best money we've ever spent". Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denounced Graham, suggesting his comment on U.S. financial assistance was linked to a later remark that Russians "are dying" in the conflict.  

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Update: US senator denies calling Russian deaths ‘a good investment’ (RT)  

WNU Editor: It is telling that the above Reuters post just cannot come out and say that Ukraine altered US Senator Lindsay Graham's comments to make it look like he is saying that killing Russians is "the best money we've ever spent".  

Update #2: Here is an easy prediction. The US Senator is not going to do this .... Russia says U.S. Senator should say if Ukraine took his words out of context (Reuters).


Anonymous said...

Lindsay Graham is an immature poopoo head with a smelly bum. Keep ducking...... 🤭

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Russian kidnaps 19,000 Ukrainian children and the above story bugs WNU.

When WNU passes, it will inhabit the same circle of Hell as Pol Pot, Hitler, Muammar Gaddafi and Hugo Chavez.

Anonymous said...

You are smoking some serious dope.

Those statistics you quote. Who did you get them from? The Ukrainian government?

Because they are right up there with the ghost of Kiev and Iraqi soldiers pulling babies out of incubators in Kuwait.

Btw there are now 3 million ukranians in Russia. That is almost 10% of the Ukrainian population and that's not counting the folks in the donbass in open rebellion against the Zelinski government

Anonymous said...

Pffft almost that many children are trafficked across the southern US border every week. Then they are sexually abused by the people you love and vote for.

Anonymous said...

Russian trolls very quick with the Tu Quoque fallacies.

I do not vote for open borders fucker.

The Ukrainians living in Russia are there because they have a job. The Russian government does not care, because they are white, probably speak Russian as a 1st or second language, are non Muslim and are not causing problems. They know to keep their mouth shut.

The problem is not with the average Russian or Ukrainian. the problem is with irredentists like Putin.

Putin is an irredentist. He laid it out there in a speech in Germany over a decade ago, He unzipped and laid it all out there.

Anonymous said...

Well The ukies lied again? Changed the yo tops words around for propaganda points.

Like I said before. Dealing with these people is like dealing with a bunch of thugs. They have no honor, no loyalty to the truth and their leadership enriches itself on money that should be going to their own troops. Sickos

Anonymous said...

Irredentist? Don't think so. he told these idiots (the US and Ukies) to back off. they did not

Then he worked with the French and Krauts to have the ukies keep the Donbass thru the Minsk agreements. Yea, that went real well.

I will say it again. if he was an irredentist he would have kept Georgia and Azerbaijan. He did not. The russians stated again and again that they did not want to go into the ukirane because it would be an economic nightmare. so they avoided it as long as possible,

To say that the russians are doing this for some kind of new Russian empire or recreation of the old Soviet Union is pure, 100% bullshit.

No I am not a Russian troll and neither are you.

Anonymous said...

Too many useless. Tell your russians to leave Ukraine. Period.