Friday, May 26, 2023

U.S. Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland Says The US Has Been Helping Plan the Ukrainian ‘Counteroffensive’ Against Russia For Months

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Ukrinform: West will support Ukraine for the long term - Nuland 

The West is working to ensure that Ukraine has a strong military, a powerful economy and becomes a democratic example for the world, and will also support the country for the long term. 

U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said this at the Kyiv Security Forum on Thursday, May 25, according to an Ukrinform correspondent. 

"Ukraine is going to need a world-class deterrent military for the long term, and we have said we will be with you for the long term," she said. "So we are beginning to plan now what that military needs to look like."  

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 Update #1: Nuland: Putin will put his army at risk if he doesn’t withdraw his troops from Ukraine (Interfax - Ukraine) 

Update #2: US has been preparing Ukrainian counteroffensive ‘for months’ – Nuland (RT)  

WNU Editor: She cannot stop herself from bragging on what she has done for Ukraine, and what the plans are for the future.

Her admission that Washington is helping Ukraine plan its counteroffensive for months was something that she should not have said in a public forum.


DinoB said...

The "Adults in the room" want war, there will be war. This ass hat always says things that shouldnt be said....."F" the Europeans rings true doesnt it.....but hey, there is no mean tweets

Alex said...

To be fair she's just saying out loud what everyone already knows.

Anonymous said...

She is a monster. One of the birth monsters to this tragedy. The blood of this , both Russian and Ukrainian will be on her hands and the hands of her accomplices/fellow travelers forever.

She will join Madeline Albright , and Hillary burning in hell.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah
Russia invades and who is the monster?

Anonymous said...

United States invades and who is the monster?


and many many more.....

This has been said many times.

Invasion is not a :sole reason". to use as an excuse to condemn or pick sides. You have to ask...why invade. what was happening. What happened before the invasion

Anonymous said...

I dunno, this is the same team that told Ukraine they can't do deep strikes or mass partisan activity in Russia, and now they're saying they've got this counter-offensive lined up with 200 donated tanks when the situation on the ground looks like Korea 1953? It's almost like they're on nobody's side but their own!

Anonymous said...

That is correct

Anonymous said...

Victoria Nuland personifies the Nazi mentality and war mongering of this administration. She is behind all these disastrous color revolutions that have worked out so well for the West.

Anonymous said...

sorry but women are hilarious when it comes to diplomacy

Anonymous said...

Soviet servicemen had no small part to play in what was to become the most bitter defeat in U.S. history.

2:52 and 3:04 for the Clown Car will be happy to know that Berdyans'k got hit. Sure the ammo dump got hit in Western Ukraine. Seems like the vatniks are having their ammo dumps hit harder.

Poor Russians have fleet that is hugging the Turkish coast for safety. Intel ship got hit. they deny it. but yeah it got his. It will be a few weeks to 6 months or more to repair it. I think they can repair the hull in a few weeks.

If it takes several months to repair look for the Russians to stay bottle up in port or cutting small circles in the Easter Black sea.

F-16s not a magic bullet per Milley? And? Read about what Michael G. Vickers had to say 4 decades ago.

Russia is seeming to have a problem with its planes two more SU-25s were shot down. One might have been shot down by a Russian manpad fired by Russians. But hey, whatever works. We'll take those points.

I bet you Russian keyboard warriors could join as officer, become 90 da=y wonders and make colonel by the end of the war. If you survive.

But think about it. Colonel pay.

Anonymous said...


You are scatter brained and what are you trying to say. What? the Russians are fighting and why are incurring losses?

Well Is that not what happens in war? Do you have a better outcome? Go to war and people die and things are destroyed......and?

If the Ukrainians are doing so well, why do you not go over and join yourself? I hear the results after 4 hours on the front line are heavenly, or hellish depending on how you lived your life.

F16s need trained pilots and sophisticated maintenance bays, tools and techs. You got all that handy?

BTW. Are they serving coffee in Hanover today?

Anonymous said...

Listen to what she said, "we are helping plan the counter Offensive"
Good Luck with that one. You all understand what that means.

fazman said...


Anonymous said...

F-16s need trained pilots.

Lots of WW2 pilots flew planes they never trained on as the war progressed. Looks like you are fresh out of red herrings.

How are your pilot ascensions going anyway? Seems like that pipeline needs more thru-put for some reason, now.

What caught my eye is that multiple groups of Russians are surrendering in groups of 2 dozen or higher. Again it looks like WW1. Alvin York and some buddies captured over a hundred Germans.

York was brave enough and he was humble. All around good guy. But looking at it, the Germans were ready to surrender. I see this in the Russians also.


I bet those guys with the red and white wrist bands are not going to last long in the trenches without medicine. In quest zone those guys could be combat ineffective or toast inside of 6 months. Those look like the German ear nose and stomach units late in WW2 along the Scheldt. Except these guys have progressive diseases that are progressive and fatal.

An Oscar-fer could order them to banzai charge. That way Mother Russia does not have to provide any medicine Simplifies logistics. Those same wrist band people will figure they die, if they banzai charge or die without medicine, they might as well take out the Oscar.

Der Kaffee in Hanover ist sehr gut, danke für die Nachfrage.

Sie sollten den Cafe Safran in der Königworther Straße probieren

Anonymous said...

Millions displaced 100s of thousands dead even more maimed for life a country basically flattened and than this woman comes out to say her piece no regrets no shame in fact proud comment

Anonymous said...

Ukraine made them invade.

Anonymous said...

Ivan Khurs is sunk!

Search parties are milling about like ants.

Waste of good Russians.

It will take awhile to replace assets like those, so the seas are a little safer form snooping Russians.

Maybe Erdogan will let the spy ships in the Pacific transit the Dardenelles, so they can play in the Black Sea.

Anonymous said...

"Russia is certainly eating its own. Internal advertisements for aerospace and rocket engineers of Roscosmos to join the Roscosmos PMC and go fight in Ukraine"

Damn. that is straight out of Hitler's playbook. He did the same thing to his missile techs.

Anonymous said...

You are a nut case.

If you think an F16 is the equivalent of a Spitfire of P47 you are out of your mind. These Ukrainians are going to learn just enough to get themselves killed.

And your propaganda of Russians surrendering in mass is unproven. Would you surrender to the Ukrainians? I would not. Not after the video of those Ukies boast of how they shot Russian prisoners.

Your tales of the 1st and second world war do not apply here. Yes you have stories, undoubtedly true stories, and the other side has just as many. It provers nothing. Brave men fought for the germans , japs, yanks and Soviets that is historical fact

Have you hear about the soldier they made a saint because he refused to deny Jesus Christ as his Lord and as the Son of God. He got his throat cut for that. Yes, that happened in the chenchen war. And there are more examples than that.

I am sure that the Russians are getting adequate medical care. Up to US standards? No, No way. But probably better than the Ulkie forces in Bakhmut, or what's left of them.

Come back when you can talk intelligently and come to a point .You are like a kid on a bumber car ride...all over the place.

And I do not drink coffee.

Anonymous said...

More truth in 3min than you have ever heard

5+ million views in under 4 weeks, this shit is hot

Anonymous said...

^ failed used car salesman and rapper

Anonymous said...

btw.. he made 5milllion views in first month, other of his clips have 35million views already.. sooooo he likely is 100x more successful than that little hater rat above :P

Jac said...

Victoria Nuland is a very dangerous person. No matter what on the front war, she just give Russia the proof that US is at war with Russia. Isn't it dangerous?

Anonymous said...

Do not be mislead by opinions, clearly russia orchestrates this by planning early like military exercises in crimea then boom war started no other than russia.

After that, russians blame everybidy because they cannot control their tantrums.

RussInSoCal said...

/reports are that Victoria Nuland will star as Napoleon in the new remake of Animal Farm.

Anonymous said...

There will be new movie coming out and it is about Putin

the cast starring Daniel
Brovaski and Celia Bobalaski, this will be exciting as being directed and produced by Kei Jack Semiloski Estavakia Balondonin

Anonymous said...

STFU!!! STFU!!! STFU!!! Or is it just part of the too clever for words disinformation campaign connected to the leaked docs

Anonymous said...

They engage in very intense diplomacy every 28 days 🤭

Anonymous said...

She is a monster,,,,, murderer, a follower of Baal and Moloch