Friday, September 29, 2023

U.S. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California Dies At Age 90


CNBC: Dianne Feinstein, California’s longest-serving senator, dies at 90 

* Dianne Feinstein, the oldest member of the U.S. Senate and the longest-serving senator from California, has died at age 90. 

* Feinstein’s death leaves vacant her powerful Senate seat, requiring Gov. Gavin Newsom to appoint a temporary successor.

* The Democratic senator’s decades-long career was studded with major legislative achievements on issues including gun control and the environment. 

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California has died at age 90, her office confirmed Friday. Feinstein, a Democrat, was the oldest member of the Senate, where she served since 1992. 

She held her seat in the chamber longer than any other woman, and any senator from California. She passed away Thursday night at her home in Washington, D.C.  

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WNU Editor: Supporters of President Biden are putting the pressure on California Governor Newsom to quickly appoint a replacement .... Pressure is on Newsom to quickly appoint Feinstein’s temporary replacement (Politico). My gut tells me he is not going to rush into it. As a reader of this blog astutely told me this morning. This gives Newsom an opportunity to appoint Vice-President Harris to take the job, and remove her as an opponent to his own Presidential aspirations.

U.S. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California Dies At Age 90  

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, an advocate for liberal priorities, dies at age 90 -- AP  

Dianne Feinstein, longest-serving female US senator in history, dies at 90 -- CNN  

Sen. Dianne Feinstein dies at age 90 -- The Hill  

Feinstein, trail-blazing California senator, dies at 90 -- Politico  

Senator Dianne Feinstein Dead At 90, One Day After Casting Vote -- Zero Hedge  

Who will be Dianne Feinstein's replacement? Here are California's rules for replacing U.S. senators. -- CBS News  

Dianne Feinstein is dead. Here's what happens next, and what it means for Democrats. -- Business Insider


Anonymous said...

I'm always amused by the lengths the old and rich go to to appear younger. Plastic surgery implants injections dyed hair the works. And the naive types wonder how can someone look so much younger. Well by cheating that's how.You don't look young by normal natural processes past your 40th birthday. Except for a few genetic freaks that is.

Anonymous said...

Ding Dong, the witch is dead!

Anonymous said...

Demoncrats are making plans to vote her corpse until Newsome makes a replacement.

Anonymous said...

Swalwell will have to bravely stepped forward and take Feinstein's place as a Congress person with a Chinese spy on staff for decades.

Dave Goldstein said...

Harris as a senator? Odds are low on that one

Anonymous said...

I agree with brown shoe

Anonymous said...

Actually it makes sense.

Matthew Putnam said...

The next democrat marxist victim gender larper will take her place quickly, and the seals will clap. "Yarp Yarp!"

Anonymous said...

Milley is retired today . He was replaced by an even worse DEI, CRT pizdec

Anonymous said...


losers always have nothing but bitterness to say about others and that is a sure sign of a low-life cracker.

Anonymous said...

4:25 PM >>> low-life loser & cracker by own admission! LOL!

Anonymous said...

4:25 is a proven racist who hates white people.

Anonymous said...

ho ho: you continue to reveal low-class loser status and class envy. I do not hate white people. Some of my best friends are white.

Anonymous said...

4:48 by definition a black person can not be a racist--only whites are racists.

Anonymous said...

The next democrat marxist victim gender larper will take her place quickly, and the seals will clap. "Yarp Yarp!"

I am not a crackpot.

Matthew Putnam said...

4:25 is Ho Ho Humm Child Pred Fred Lapaides off his meds or just another "We wuz kangs" "muh dik" pavement ape.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump and 18 other people were charged in Georgia with an alleged conspiracy to overturn his 2020 election loss to President Joe Biden.

Trump Georgia election case defendant pleads guilty

Anonymous said...

Putzman aims low goes even lower but finds his home in bottom of a cesspool. Discovers that not all people are mean, losers, crackers, but does feel at home with them, his kind.

Anonymous said...


reports that Russia is limiting the number of artillery fire missions due to a shortage of barrels. Throughout the war, RU has maintained a high volume of fire, often targeting civilian settlements when UKR military targets could not be found. This has shortened the life cycles of its artillery; and now, RU's ability to manufacture replacements cannot meet demand.

Poor chest thumpers

no woody for the Fatman

Anonymous said...

Pleading guilty makes sense in a thoroughly corrupt system

If Engoron a shit for a judge can value Mar Lago at 18 million, when independent real estate appraisers, banks and the state of Florida does not, you know the fix is in.

6:58 would eat shit if his better asked him to.

Anonymous said...

‼️Russians use their artillery sparringly due to shortage of barrels

"As artillery officers from the headquarters of the Northern Military District told us, now the artillery barrel production resource is about 80%, and this explains the low artillery support of our defending units. They save the resource of barrels to deter the enemy in the event of a big breakthrough.

New barrels are not arriving, since the technology for their mass production is almost lost. Now they are removing barrels from equipment that is located at storage bases that have a service life of at least 50%.

Of course, we will fulfill our tasks, but where is the role and place of Shoigu-Gerasimov in forecasting this issue before the start of the SVO.

Now, because of this miscalculation, the guys are paying with their lives, and the troops have switched from offensive to defensive."

So they are already using their mothballed artillery as piece parts.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't come a a surprise.
2014 Sanctions on Russia finally pay dividends.

Anonymous said...

So some idiot or idiots ordered Russian troops to attack Urozhaine. The exact idiots are unknown since so many died at Sevastopol. So Several BMP loads of troops and several tanks were wiped put. The Russians were chased down the road.

So 100 Russian troops died and the number may be north of 200. that is just one small part of the line.

I question Putin's intelligence. Putin knows German. He's bilingual. I would count that as intelligent. However I discussed my future spouse with my old man and I brought up my spouse was bilingual yada yada yada. He said that it does not mean a person is intelligent. Can a person of 70, 80 or 90 IQ be bilingual. I would think so.

Putin has a Russian law degree. Seems good. I was impressed when a member of the press asked him a question and he answered not like a normal politician would but like a lawyer or judge would. I cannot remember the question.

However, law schools do graduate idiots. Authur Engoron is an example. He is a extremely small, mean and petty person of no great intellect.

Putin was spy and he was promoted. Not sure what that means either. Once you get into a system the first 2 or 3 promotions are easy or sometime automatic.

A lot of military simulation games are such that one side winning is not enough. You can play one side and "win". However they have conditions on winning since in a historical setting, the opponents are mismatched. To win and to show some level of intelligence, you have to win within a certain time period or meet certain conditions. It is not enough to play a million zillion turns and grind the opposing player down.

I wonder what Putin, Shogui, Gerasimov and others did. They wargamed sanctions. they wargames a 3 day or 3 week victory. You have to wonder what else they did or did not do.

Anonymous said...

The foundations of the Rusich group were laid in 2009, when a military training base was founded by Alexey Milchakov, a neo-Nazi from Saint Petersburg.[4][8] He had the nickname "Fritz"

You have to wonder. Is WNU a neo-NAZI ?

Is WNU actually Alexey Milchakov?

Anonymous said...

General Eirik Kristoffersen, Norway's Chief of Defence, says that Russia considerably reduced the size of the troops bordering Norway. Only 20% of the previous troops’ strength is still posted there.

Russia bled white by Putin and the fascists.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton Wins Emmy For Documentary About Afghanistan’s Youngest Female Mayor – The Responses Are Brutal

Where is the mayor now?


At least Shrillary and her princess daughter who does no work, put more effort into getting an Emmy than Obama did with his Nobel booby prize.

Anonymous said...

give it up loser
you have nothing to say but like trump simply badmouth your betters. small wonder you are trash

Anonymous said...

Russians are running out of artillery,

Russians have no ammunition eft

Russians are using t55 tanks in mass

Russians are eating cup cakes and getting fat

Russian economy is falling

Russian sanctions are working

Russians are being invaded from Mars

Russian are using shovels to fight

Russian have no aircraft left

Russians are on the Dark side of the moon

Russians are orks

Russian defenses are failing

Russians cannot recruit enough people.

Latests episode from

"Leave it to Beaver"

Gee wally is all of this true?

Yes, Beav!! Because zelinski says so and the know-it-all at 742 745, 746 and 845 above repeats it.

Gee Wally sounds like the Russians will be defeated any day now.

Well Beav, hate to tell you, but the same guys have been saying the same stuff since last Christmas.


Anonymous said...

742 745, 746 and 845

you guys like Raw intel that has no been checked??.

Well here is some more for you . About worth as much as the stuff you all posted

Ukrainian Troops Reportedly Refuse Battle Orders in Rabotino Due to Heavy Losses

According to information shared on the Telegram channel the Ukrainian command is currently carrying out the withdrawal of the 47th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) from the Rabotino area of the Zaporozhye region as soldiers are reluctant to take on combat orders after the losses they suffered.

Yes this is the same "elite". 47th trained and equipped with leopards and Bradleys. One of the 9 elite brigades that was supposed to drive all the way to there Azov sea

Of course when you have elite units start to fail. It is a harbinger of wide spread mutiny and defeat.

Nonsense ? Just as valid as the crap you publish.

Anonymous said...

Newsom has just announced that the new appointed senator for California is none other than Juan Guaido. Please clap.

Anonymous said...


Love it, what a hoot!!!!

Anonymous said...


What kind of man sends in his wife to encourage another man to cheat on his disabled wife? A


Joe Biden

Anonymous said...


What kind of woman would encourage cheating?


Gold Digger Dr. Jill

Anonymous said...

fuck off, mean schmucks. this is not about Jill nor about Biden
What kind of president gets sued and losses for rape Trump!

Anonymous said...

"betters" Lololololololol that's good.

Anonymous said...

Tell me again how Ukraine is winning!

Anonymous said...

E. Jean Carroll is a whack job. She is too pretty, too demanding and too whacked to finds a spouse. So she is forever unhappy.

Her lawsuit was funded by a billionaire. That speaks of those being political warfare. four centuries ago instead a rape allegation. the billionaire would have paid someone to make a charge of witchcraft against Trump.

Carroll cannot remember the year of the rape. None of the store staff are witnesses. Her only witness are her friends. Probably she devils like you find on the view.

All you are doing is turning yourself into a giant neon sign be you from Russia or America.

Now with Biden, he brags on TV about his fuckery to this day. Biden will be gone by the Democrat party convention or we will be at war and a junta.

Anonymous said...

"Carroll’s cat’s name isn’t Vagina. Rather, it’s apparently named Vagina T. Fireball. I hope we cleared that up."

So if Carroll's cat runs off into the neighborhood and she goes looking for it, does she scream


No rape kit. No police report. 2 decades later come out of the woodwork

12:56 is probably really upset that a cat can be called VAGINA, but she is not. Worse she still has not had her public funded bottom surgery.

And can you believe it 12:56 has yet to have George Clooney ask her out on a date?

The nerve and after she did all those exercises with a cucumber

Anonymous said...

Caroll is this and she is that. But the Judge and jury found her truthful and accurate so all your bullshit is dumb. An appeal? went nowhere.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Leftist judges are so constitutional.

These judges know two things. What party you belong to. What the desired leftard outcome is desired.

Anonymous said...


What the desired leftard outcome is.

Anonymous said...

when your main man is found to be a shit, blame the judge and then the jury; otherwise, if innocent, justice prevails...fact:
loser loser loser
and next week the chickens come home to roost.

Anonymous said...

I have had property evaluated. Real estate agents typically use 3 methods ways to evaluate property. I have also worked for state property tax.

What Judge (& I use the term lightly) did to Trump was a travesty of justice.

But I see your little button pushing game. Go for it. You are earning interest. Does not matter if you are in St Petersburg or elsewhere.

What really is sad, is you do not make this interesting. You are pretty much a zero.

Anonymous said...

Next week or year or decade or century, lololololololol!

Anonymous said...

5:51 is funny.

Matthew Putnam said...


There is the chickens roost in March anon little bitch from months ago!!

"Everything works perfectly fine when I like the results"

HAHAHAHA you cannot argue with stupid.


Anonymous said...

giver it up Matt: you lose loser

Anonymous said...

Being funny again, lololololololol!

Anonymous said...


Matt is not the loser here. All you need to do to see one is to look in the mirror.

Hans Persson said...

Starting to think that our WNU editor also did...

Anonymous said...


What? ich nicht verstehe

Hans Persson said...

Is he still alive?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think so

Hans I have a criticism for you.

From the Post on the kid sent back from N Korea.

You called one guy a Neo racist. because he pointed out posters who..... were critical of negative comments against the kid....

He stated these negative posts were done because the kid was black and the liberal posters got triggered.

I happen to agree with that. The triggered posters are part of the blacks can do nothing wrong crowd of BLM supporters.

The facts in the united states are you do not criticize blacks or those that support them no matter what the black person does. , It is a crap idea combined with censorship and fascist in nature.

nothing 654 said is racist. Just the plain situation and truth in the US

You want proof. ?????
BTW Hans.

Sweden used to be a great country, polite people , extremely low crime rate. A very refined culture

How are things in Stockholm and Malmo these days?

Just remember

Diversity is strength

and a centerpiece of who we are.

A national security imperative.

. What bullshit.

You can see the results of this stupidity every day in the US.

And in Malmo?

Anonymous said...

10:23 (Troll)

Hans is Swedish, which you acknowledge by asking about Malmo.

ich nicht verstehe < German or is it Polish?

Jag förstår inte

Diversity is strength. If you have a cross functional team of accountants, engineers, various trades, etc created to solve a problem, it can work very well. It is used all the time in 6 Sigma. Of course, liberals borrowed and bowdlerized the idea.

What liberals unashamedly put forth is another spoils system like America had before the Civil Service Act of 1871. Liberals have created a spoils system based race, ethnicity and religion.

Is calling out the National Guard peculiarly American? An American sin? No. New York Governor Hokum has called out the guard. In Sweden they called out the Guard.

Are Sweden and America under attack? I would say yes. But in the conventional sense and what most people would say the answer is no. The guard is being called out because of liberal policies are having a deleterious effect. The votes of the Freds of the world are coming home too roost.

Loser Loser loser

Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau Moves to Regulate Podcasts and to Analyze and Track Content and Subscribers

Canaduh Prime Minister Justin "BLACKFACE" Castro

Anonymous said...

Today Is Jeremy Brown’s Birthday – Jeremy Was Sentenced to Over 7 Years in Prison After He Refused to Work as an Undercover FBI Operative on January 6 and Then Later Released Audio of His Meeting with FBI-DHS Agents – Please Help Jeremy If You Can

Imagine a well engineered train wreck.

Imagine you are on the train that will wreck.

Imagine you have a wall mounted TV showing a bridge that is out.

Imagine the train is going slow. slower than walking speed. Much slower than walking speed.

Imagine you know all this and you cannot jump off the train that will wreck.

That is what looking at the Jeremy Brown case is like.

Mr. Brown wrote that the FBI came to his apartment and wanted to recruit him for January 6th. He refused and told Gateway Putin. There was update after update. Then the FBI imprisoned him anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ukrainian drones have attacked the Russian city of Sochi in Krasnodar Krai, striking a RU naval helicopter staging area in the Adler district.

Poking the eyes out

Anonymous said...

wow. he refused to work with FBI and also:

TAMPA — Jeremy Brown, the retired U.S. Army Special Forces master sergeant ensnared in a federal investigation of the events at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, received a sentence of seven years in federal prison Friday for having two illegal guns, a set of hand grenades and a classified military document at his Tampa home.

toss away the key on that traitor

Hans Persson said...

Hey I just think the Kid did it for the lolz and tiktok fame, that's all. I responded to that "guy" because I thought it was talking to me. It saw race where I didn't even consider it, being a neo-racist is exactly what it is. I did not say or write "it was because he is black".

But whiiiile were on the topic.

Whomever it is, it is already judging me for something it believes that I think.
White knighting like black people cant defend themselves. Neo-racists are the cancer in our society; finding racists everywhere because they themselfs already are, but cant see it. So they blame everybody else, creating new titles and jobs in the pursue of finding "white supremacists" and then treats minorities like special needs children.

I'm happily ready to die on this hill.

Yeah Sweden was kinda nice until we started copying every shitty trait from the "US". Now I don't care. Utterly uninteresting to me.

Anonymous said...

Un til i kmow what the classified documents are, i am discounting them. We should at least be gine their title or subject matter.

Maybe merely knowing the subject matter, would have the government laughed out of court.

I like every there person on earth had a death in the family. I was given a grocery sack full of stuff. What I did with it was put in a corner of the closet and did not look at it for 1 year. That Brown had his brother's stuff seems stupid.

What is an illegal gun? this must be described better. What I have seen of Diane Feinstein and certain judges is they are complete loons. Rhe story of Diane Feinstein sitting with a magazine and leafing through while deciding which guns to ban in the 1990s based on which one look scary, shows how arbitrary and stupid these illegal gun designations are.

A judge decided in the 30s a sawed off shotguns were illegal because such guns were not used. Sawed off shotguns absolutely were used in trench warfare in WW1.

So I ask you what is an illegal gun?

Anonymous said...

12:05 sort of seems like the Fred persona

Refused to work with the FBI?

You ask that honestly after the last 3 years?

The FBI seems more interested in entrapment and egging people on than solving crimes.

Hans Persson said...


It's German and then you wrote in Swedish, that was strange to read here :P
Kinda strange that you had to ask when you already googletranslated it to Swedish.

(It means "I dont understand" for you lazy asses)

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that illegal weapons and classified docs are insufficient for this insurrectionist and so it is the FBI and other dark forces that must be at work. Forget a trial by jury of ordinary citizens. We know the truth. It is out there. Somewhere. Perhaps in my trailer. Perhaps in the dive bar I go to. and Gravity is a govt plot too.

Anonymous said...


9:58 posted Ich nicht verstahen

I found the post weird. I did a google translate into Swedish. It was kind of disheartening. I did see that the Swedes and the Germans do not have the same symbol for f. the rest of words I would need a Swedish book or a linguist to explain how they diverged that much.

I wished that somehow the monks that translated languages or came up with alphabets for the Germanic and Slavic languages had used the same symbols for the same sounds. More people I think would be multilingual IMHO.

The Black guy that ran into North Korea. I do not think he did for the Tiktok fame. I think he did to avoid prosecution in the US for activities in Seoul and subsequent separation from the service.

Based on my experience (I am not black), I think a black service member would have a somewhat harder time than a white service member in East Asia. It does not excuse the guy. It does I think translate the normal curve leftward. That is more blacks will be put upon, act out and commit offenses than their white counterparts.

I was once a wingman for a black crew member. Those Asian girls wanted nothing to do with him, cuz he was black. He was angry, but he did nothing stupid. I just think a higher percentage of black guys would go over the line being stationed in Asia than if they were stationed stateside. The same is true for white guys. But the percentage disadvantage for black guys would be higher.

I had access to some DoD crime data at one time. Mainly the data was collected because the brass was concerned about how many service members were victimized or out and out lost due to crime. You do not just lose service members in peace time due solely to alcohol, other drugs and suicide. With the databases today, you could do one helluva lot of hypothesis testing and then move on to better things.

Sweden copied the US? You sure? Maybe the leftards continuously copy each other.

Anonymous said...

"I find it amusing that illegal weapons and classified docs "

Again what were the classified docs? The govt routinely over classifies. They classify things at time just to have power.

Joe Biden had classified documents, He probably is not the only senator or representative to have classified documents. So he is not prosecuted, but Brown is?

The Radiation Handbook is classified, which is crazy. I needed it to determine sufficient radiation shielding for a project. I could not get it, but a Palestinian, who probably is a a member of the PLO now, the US could. Go figure.

Hans Persson said...


Yeah I know that Asians ain't liking the black men. I don't know why, but I bet they have a really harsh reason. From my understanding Asians have no time for bullshit.

Anonymous said...

dear anon:
I know a bit about classified stuff. yes: often overclassified because easier to protect yourself and the stuff by stamping it classified. However, there is in fact lots of stuff that is top secret and truly not to be shared with just anyone. You simply try to dismiss what was done in rounding up a nut case who was armed illegally, and who had materials he was not supposed to have at home. If you think the govt, ie FBI is always wrong then you are just plain I'll informed.

Anonymous said...

House Republican members are seeking to expel Rep. Matt Gaetz, who is moving to call for a vote of no confidence in House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

House GOP members seek to expel Gaetz amid renewed threat to vacate House Speaker McCarthy | Fox News

Matthew Putnam said...


The vox hyperlink parrot Child Pred Fred regurgitates its partisan filler trash.

Any info on the shitstorm from your side, bootlicker?

Good boi. Gooooddd Booiiiii.


Anonymous said...

Russian troll. The way you misspell words is shall we say interesting.

An illegal gun can be illegal simply because it has a handgrip. The hand grip does not make the bullet travel faster but it looked scary so Diane Feinstein who profited off of china for decades thought it looked scary.

Saying the guns are illegal obfuscates more than it enlightens Russian troll.

Saying the documents are classified hides information. You though out the word top secret. it is more likely the documents were secret or confidential. Joe Biden is more likely to have had top secret documents stored in his home for 5 decades, while Brown has what? Secret. confidential? We do not know. We are not told.

Classified could mean nowadays sensitive which is below confidential. Which means it really gives an enemy no advantage whatsoever.

The FBI is the Oprichnina now. They are the palace guard. Northern Minnesota got hit. The FBI were nowhere to be seen.

Anyway Russian troll should you not worry about the helicopters in Sochi that got plastered. I mean damn the Russian navy might be confined to the Sea of Azov or Putin's bathtub.

Anonymous said...

Max, dear heart
my side has the crook from NJ and we asked him to resign. Your side kisses the ass of the guy who tried to overturn an election and your people still curry favor from him and lick his ass. Now fuck off.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing and it shows.

Anonymous said...

Frederick R. Lapides,

There is no Max. There is a Matt. Consider that you reason and are as knowledgeable as you can spell or remember a persons. A name that is right in front of you. Which is to say you cannot reason or spell well.

About Trump and Georgia. Why is the Fulton County Attorney prosecuting someone who does not live or work in Fulton County and where the alleged crime did not occur in Fulton County?

The fix is in.

The only one fucking off is you Mr. Lapides. You are not using your god given brain for anything good or intelligent.

Matthew Putnam said...


Your side rapes, butchers and murders children by the tens of millions in the past couple decades alone. Your side weaponizes gender, the weather, Viruses, 40 hour work weeks, energy policy, capitalism, tax policy, foreign policy, natural disasters, academia, media, the IRS and ATF/FBI etc. Your side is engaged in full fledged censorship of anyone accused of wrong think - from COVID and Gender, to election integrity and fucking Instagram Memes. Your side is responsible for the unfettered flow of tens of millions of people into this country that undermine national security and cost billions in tax payer money, along with creating govt programs that weigh tens of trillions in unfunded public labilities that will "pay for themselves". Trump made you insane, a good boi, and you are willing to believe anything you are told if it makes you feel smart smart and informed in your ideological circle jerk echo chamber of beady eyed head nods of affirmation of "right think". Im not a republican or a Trump guy, but even more so I am not a "democrat" which is now just a black hole, an ether of nothing beyond narcissistic self consumed double standards, severe philosophical inconsistency and a meaningless party platform as fluid as the genderless swamp creatures that throw mud at it trying to "build something new".

Anonymous said...

does ll that mean you no longer love me and no longer want to be an item? Pal Taylor Swift will write a song for me on my broken heart.

Anonymous said...

No, I want you to give me some tongue down below like you have before.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but you are not even able to walk yet so thoughts of such kind should focus on your family.
give it up
and happy birthday Jimmy Carter
go forth and sin no more.

all the Dems are bad. That is more than half the nation. What does that tell us about your views on democracy?

Anonymous said...

More than half!! Lololololololol

Anonymous said...

f Poser

I said 90% to 85% of Democrat politicians are bad.

Please try to keep up you piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

I have to keep my ( something or other) up!