Sunday, November 19, 2023

Reports Say A Ukrainian Military Pilot Has Defected To Russia

FILE PHOTO. © Sputnik / Vitaly Nevar  

RT: Ukrainian military pilot defects to Russia – media 

The pilot is already on Russian territory and is being interviewed by the security services, the TASS news agency says  

A military pilot from the Armed Forces of Ukraine has defected to Russia, TASS reported on Saturday, citing a person who allegedly organized the pilot’s flight over the frontlines. The Ukrainian in question is an active-duty serviceman who held the rank of “senior officer” with Kiev’s forces, a Russian Telegram channel following the situation has claimed. 

“The Ukrainian armed forces pilot is currently in Russia and is being interviewed by the Federal Security Service,” a Russian military strike helicopter pilot identified by TASS as Aleksey Voevoda told the agency. Russians were reportedly behind the operation.  

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Update: Ukrainian military pilot defects to Russia — organizer (TASS)  

WNU editor: If this report is true, and many military bloggers on both sides of this war are saying it is true, will mean only one thing. Until a thorough investigation has been done, there is going to be a delay on when Ukraine is going to get its F-16s.  

Update #2: Ukraine is denying reports of a defection .... Military intelligence denies Russia's claim that Ukrainian pilot defected (Kyiv Independent).


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it was one of the F-16s already brought into the country. Article doesn’t say what type of plane he was in. Or did I miss it?

Anonymous said...

Pilots who get F16 will have already been thoroughly screened, and have strong family links etc to Ukraine

Anonymous said...

A Russian pilot defects here, an Ukrainian pilot defects there. This we know. WNU ignores the former and bellows about the latter.

I will assume it is true. The question is why. One answer is that Joe Biden has dragged his feet on the F-16s. He dragged his feet on tanks, ATACMS, cruise missiles and Patriot AD.

Biden and others. Scratch the fucker Biden, he does not think for more than 3 to 5 hours a day before the sundowner effect kicks in. Others might reason that they have to gradually ratchet up support so they can gradually show they are serious and mean business or because they are afraid of WW3. How did ratcheting up pressure on North Vietnam work with Rolling Thunder?

Rolling Thunder by LBJ was a failure. Linebacker by Nixon was a success. Rolling thunder and Linebacker stand in stark contrast to each other. There is a very easy lesson to learn. However folks at State and politicians eschew learning about military history or science.

Linebacker was like Blitzkieg. Rolling Thunder was like sending reinforcements in penny packets. It was like sending in reinforcements in such small quantities and so delayed that they do not affect battle in your favor.

this dragging feet by Biden give substance to the charge that The Swamp will fight to the last Ukrainian. So if you use heavenly justice and not the justice of man, who actually defected here? I would submit that The Swamp defected not the pilot. The pilot making his choice is merely denouement of the actions taken by The Swamp. In other words, people in The Swamp need to hang.

In other news a whole Russian platoon defected. This is related the refuseniks who are punished in the frontlines by exposure to the weather in open pits and their families having to pay a fortune to free them only for them to get sent on a banzai charge anyway.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. This is how WNU usually reports, sadly. Very biased.

Anonymous said...

The US Army is having a hard time recruiting. Now it's asking soldiers dismissed for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine to come back.

Fuckers of the Left ... why say that? Left and Fuckers are synonymous.

The Left Cancels you and then asks you to come back, because, you actually work unlike them.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

tell us about your service, Mr Hero

Anonymous said...

Big time trolls (or troll) up top. There’s two sides to every story loser. If you want to hear only one side and be happy about it, turn on you tv and turn to literally any so called news channel. I want to know what the hell is actually going on in the world and thank-you WNU for putting in the time to finding some answers for us.

Anonymous said...


How many time do I have to tell you? Alzheimers is a bitch don't you think?

Thank WNU for what? Doing his day job and fooling you?

Anonymous said...


Bravery is going to a war, which half the politicians and all of the media says is lost, that you can dodge and going anyway.

Bravery is taking a flight when a goodly percentage of civilians give the azimuth to your position by flicking on and off their lights. Altitude could be guessed at by SOP or observation.

Bravery is going into a war zone, when most everyone has a rifle and you have pea shooter.

Anonymous said...


@AlexKokcharov reports that Russia transported Syrian immigrants and forced them to attempt an illegal border crossing into Finland. Finnish police had to use tear gas to disperse the 'crisis actors' Putin foisted on the Niirala border crossing.

Anonymous said...

INTERCEPTED: Just outside of Norwegian airspace, a formation of 2 Russian Tu-160 bombers, 2 MiG-31s and an Il-78 refueling aircraft looked to starboard and discovered they had company-- pair of Norwegian 5th Gen stealth F-35 fighters. The Russians turned around & went home.

Never knew they were there until they Norwegians had time to send one up their tail pipes, if they were so inclined.

Not s busy in Ukraine that they cannot fuck with the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Ukrainian teenager illegally taken from Mariupol manages to leave Russia.

After trying to escape Russia and making a public plea to President Volodymyr Zelensky to help him, the boy is finally on his way to Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

A woman tried to set fire to a military registration and enlistment office in the Kaliningrad region

How popular is thumper really?

Ethnic composition, Russian 2010 census:

Ethnicity total population % of the population
Russians 351,186 87.4 %
Ukrainians 16,053 4.0 %
Belarusians 15,077 3.7 %
Armenians 3,062 0.8 %
Tatars 2,075 0.5 %
Lithuanians 1,789 0.4 %
Germans 1,676 0.4 %
Polish 1,114 0.3 %
Other ethnicities 10,041 2.5 %
All 401,649 100.0 %

Anonymous said...

Russian servicemen are stripped naked and put into pits for refusing to go into meat assault without proper equipment. To get out, they need to pay up 400k rubles. These particular men spent 4 nights in the pit half naked.

This was revealed by the wife of one of the mobilised Russian men who ended up in the pit after refusing orders. The woman said they can be put there for no reason as well if the leadership doesn't like them.

Likewise, she said that to go on leave, one needs to pay the officers 200k rubles in cash. Otherwise, they'll never leave the zero line.

Anonymous said...

A 85 year old friend of mine told me once under tears how his mom was "liberated" and "denazified" by 12 Soviets in April 45. They made him watch with 15 years. The traces of the rifle butts are still visible today on his wooden Berlin apartment door...

Anonymous said...

Nominally, Putin's state bank has $60 billion left over from the original $650 billion plus whatever the state has from sanctioned oil and has stolen from private firms.

And Putin is buying D-20 guns with dry rotted tires & poor dimensional quality shells from DPRK with it

Anonymous said...

meantime, Russians digging in and hoping for Trump election win so that Putin's pal will bail Russia out, as Trump is sure to do.

Anonymous said...

11:16 Study the moment when Trump said "beautiful door".
It tell me what I need to know and that you are a Fucked POS liberal or a Russian

Lanchester ring a bell?

It should, you miserable, stupid Fuck.

Anonymous said...

When facts on the ground change such as congress changing the depreciation schedules, tax rates, the fed changing interest rates, or the Russians losing, Trump will change his negotiating stance. He is flexible.

When Bill Clinton Was Paid $500,000 to Speak in Russia, Hillary Opposed State Dept. Sanctions

And of course Biden got paid by Russia too.

Was Obama's payment of a more physical sort?

Anonymous said...

The best Snopes can do about the $500,000 payment is that the quid pro quo has documentation from 1 email and it remains "Unproven"

Snopes is an in the tank for the Democrat Party, so that is damning.

Anonymous said...

A russian D-20 howitzer's fire position.
Notice how the gunner is operating, he hides in a trench.
It seems that barrel blow up is common

Anonymous said...

As reported by the Telegraph. The Dollar Store shells 🇰🇵 gave 🇷🇺 are not working out as expected. Some of them are not fitting properly or leaving gaps that lead to the explosion of the artillery system and splitting of the barrel upon firing.

Anonymous said...

rust is not a lubricant for artillery shells. just saying...
quality in russia

Anonymous said...

Russia Building Network of Western Influencers

SEP 1, 2023

I. Declassified Intel Shows Russia Grooming Western Influencers < < < WNU
II. Russian Junior/Mid-Level Leaders Suffering Heavy Losses
III. Ukraine Advances in the South
IV. The Purge of Successful Russian Military Leaders
V. Ukraine Launches Their Largest Drone Attack of the War
VI. Meta Disrupts Largest Covert Info Op in Company History
VII. US Drone Initiative: Striking 1,000 Targets in 24 Hours
VIII. Three US Marines Killed in Training Crash
IX. US Strike Kills 13 Militants in Somalia
X. Podcast Recommendations

Now we know why Shogui is still around.

Anonymous said...

This Russian Pantsir was destroyed near Chaplynka, around 50km from the Dnipro river and deep inside Russian-occupied territory.

Considering the fact that this so-called “drone killer” was spotted by a drone so far from the current frontline and while being operational, just adds up to the long list of air defense failures of this Russian piece of hardware.

Russia is dying.

50 km

50 km behind the front lines, the drone killer is killed by a drone.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Do they strip Russian defenses in Syrian of another Pantsir to make up for it and leave the Russian in Syria all naked?

Anonymous said...

A Russian general who was critical of the army's operation was found dead

Anonymous said...

t 9:02 AM

bravery is making snide and caustic remarks and signing off as Anon

Anonymous said...

Caustic and snide is to be expected form one who has been on the receiving end of caustic and snide remarks and have seen it done to others by the same actors.

Also WNU is anon. No name. No family history.

Why does Fred post anon. Because he was absolutely hammered by caustic and snide remarks. that was 3 years ago. Occasionally, he posts under his gmail. He quit using his gmail to post 3 weeks after I stopped using mine. First, they dogpiled me. I went anon, then they dogpile Fred. So here we are.

So stew in your juices bitch.

Anonymous said...

Fred posts anon because there is a non-stop dumping of name calling and insults and references to his family and his military service and to the service of his son and so dear ones he decided to be just like you: anon, the manly way to post

Anonymous said...

Another long range strike on a Russian base, this time at a flight hangar near Tarasivka/Brylivka. The place is around 35km away from the Dnipro River.

The missile explosion looks like Stormshadow/Scalp EG strike.

Russians are getting hammered 21 miles behind the lines. They kissed some major, colonels and other staff good bye.

So who is ordering the mobiki now. If the chain of command is broken too long, they are go8ing to surrender in mass.

Anonymous said...

US President Bidumb and Chancellor Scholzzy. 2 peas in a pod

Also, so langsam Reicht's mir wirklich!!!
Mittlerweile sagt es jeder Militärexperte, jeder Politologe und quasi pfeift es jeder Spatz vom Dach!
Nur unsere Politik scheint es nicht zu begreifen, was für ******* regieren uns eigentlich???
Was ist so schwer zu verstehen? Die Ukraine braucht ALLES was sie eben brauchen!!!!!!
Sonst werden sie die RuZZen nicht los.
Für Ruzzland läuft es ja, das liegt an unserem Zögern, unserem Schweigen unserer Politik.
Mir fehlen die Worte,



Pfui Spinne 🫡glauben Sie eigentlich wirklich wir leben hinter dem Mond?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Or a dumbfuck

Anonymous said...

pay no attention to the ukie rah rah posting all that anti-russian propaganda nonsense. He is going thru a "life crisis" due to coming to terms that what he believed to be the truth is a bunch of fairy tales from the MSM blob narrative about the Ukrainians winning the war.

Here is a bit of reality as of today......


The Ukrainian actions strategically repeats the Artyomovsk meat grinder, in which the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost about 70 thousand people killed. Events in Avdeevka are developing according to an almost similar scenario: first, artillery around the most critical fortified areas is suppressed, and then logistics begin to be blocked. At the same time, the depth at which Ukrainian equipment is affected increases, but the pattern does not change: the Ukrainian Armed Forces, just like in Artyomovsk, are losing military equipment and people in attempts to maintain supplies for the Avdeevka garrison. However, despite the experience of the battles for Mariupol and Artyomovsk, as well as many months of fighting in the Orekhov region, the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stubbornly clings to problematic positions. It does not give orders for regrouping or retreat.

In essence, the Ukrainians are in a bad habit of reenforcing failure.

Anonymous said...

👍 thank-you. What is rarely mentioned is that much of the Ukrainian strategy revolves around western timelines and goals, which are based around election cycles. The Ukrainian slaughter will set a precedence in history as to how not to fight a modern war.

Anonymous said...

Orcs lost another base near Tarasivka. One minute 100 or orcs were there, the next minute they were back home in Hell.

21 miles behind the lines. Mid-level leadership and staff all gone.

Murz or someone will talk of regrouping around the Dnipro River to somewhere further back.

The Two Majors will go full shriek on their Telegram.

Anonymous said...

It is snowing in Nova Kakhovka

Orcs going to die in the cold.

Anonymous said...

President Bidumb is a bad joke
People like Fred who vote for Bidumb are a bad joke

nearly serviceable Bradleys being cut up in texas....
sell them to ukraine at scrap prices, nope. cut them up...
what a fucXing joke we have become
what the hell is wrong with biden????????

Anonymous said...

Irks Orking around

In today’s world what we should not be hearing is a story about another American being held hostage by the Russian government… AGAIN.

But that’s exactly what is going on. This is the story of how an American is being held against his will, in a foreign country, by the Russian government on made up charges. Eric Thomas Creamer from Millfield Ohio graduated from Athens High school in 2005, and went on to Ohio University and graduated in 2010. In school he studied English and Russian. After this he moved to Russia and was employed by MITP as an English teacher…

simple enough, but also he took on work as a translator, and at some point he translated some documents that appear to have been from the Russian ministry of defense (unknown to him) as part of his job at the time. Soon after translating some documents in 2017 Mr. Creamer was headed home one night. Just prior to getting home he was abducted by the FSB (security police or modern KGB). For hours he was held in custody, was tortured psychologically for hours, had a gun put up to his head demanding answers on why he was…. A spy.

The FSB was convinced that Mr. Creamer was a spy working for the CIA…. Yes we have seen this in the past with many Americans. Finding NO proof of anything, after many hours the FSB informed Mr. Creamer that they had “FOUND” .94 grams of methedrone at 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, Moscow… The problem is that that the methedrone was not his, and he did not live at 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street. Creamer was held til he signed a back page of a form (he was not allowed to see the rest of the form) that stated he was being released. He was told there were no charges pending but he was told to “leave the country, NOW”.

Creamer did what he was told and got out of the country the next week. Moving ahead, in 2021 after being all over Europe, he went to Georgia for a vacation (he speaks Russian). His girlfriend and himself decided to take a trip to Armenia for the day. As soon as they crossed the border, Mr. Creamer found out that he was barred from leaving Armenia. Armenia is a member of Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). The CSTO is run by Russia and he found out that Russia had put out a warrant for Creamer on the trumped-up fake charges.

Anonymous said...

Creamer has been trying to leave Armenia for the last 2 years without any luck. The Armenians don’t want him, the Russians don’t want him, and the US embassy will not help him… He has been begging for help from the US embassy for over 2 years without any response other than a member of the staff “Chris” telling him to get a lawyer. In fact he has found out that no lawyer would touch this case as due to the fact that its now political. Mr Creamer has been to the local police, everyone knows him and no one cares, not Armenia, not Russia.. not even the Americans.

This is a sad situation where the Russians AGAIN are stating that an American is a spy without any proof, and to cover this up they say “ok not a spy, here is some drugs”. Just like Paul Whelan, Sarah Krivanek, and formally Brittney Griner Russia continues to target Americans without proof for political reasons.

Mr Creamer is asking the Armenian government VIA ambassador Makunts to release him (seek his release) so he can go home to Ohio to be with his 11 year old son and elderly mother that he has not seen in years. Although Armenia is a great country with a lot to offer it is not home. He has committed no crime there and Armenia wants to be seen as moving to the west having a new relationship with the USA, NATO, and EU. Having this public would probably hinder some of that movement west. He is simply asking the government of Armenia to allow him to leave the country just like every other American they hope to have visiting in the coming years without a issue.

The USA has made it a point to help the Armenian people, I can imagine that this is only a oversight by your country that can easily be fixed.

Mr Creamer is asking his senate members Sherrod Brown (subcommittee on international trade to Armenia) , and JD Vance for help, along with his house rep. Troy Balderson (12thdistrict) (Government Oversight & Reform aid to Armenia) for help with this issue. He is formally in writing requesting an official congressional inquiry on how Armenia is receiving NATO and US funding and still holding an American against his will on the orders of the Russian government.

On September 26, 2023 the US gave Armenia 11.5 million for humanitarian aid… it’s strange that a country getting aid from the USA would continue to hold a citizen hostage on behalf of the Russian government As with Ms. Griner, and Mr. Whelan, you can expect a social media, legal, and media campaign to start to have Mr. Creamer freed to leave Armenia soon. He has exhausted all options and wishes not to be forced to do that, but as stated it’s been over 2 years. And although the people and country of Armenia are lovely its time for him to come home..

Please help release Mr. Creamer, this is an unneeded, political issue that can be fixed just by simply allowing him to get on an aircraft back to the USA to people that love and miss him.

Anonymous said...

Your playing too much Warcraft Bud. Your up to your eyeballs in orcs. Get out of your moms basement for a few hours and go get laid or something.

Anonymous said...

No one knows exactly how many Ukrainian children have allegedly been abducted by Russia during Vladimir Putin’s war.
spent months following one grandmother as she risked her life to find her grandson before he completely disappeared.

WNU is a plank owner of Russian Criminals Syndicate.

Anonymous said...

7,000 graves of innocent Civilians killed in Mariupol by Putin

Anonymous said...

Russia's yuge push of anti-Semitic content has been going on for a long, long time.

Just like Hitler and the NAZIs

Does WNU have a party number?

Anonymous said...

russia: A national survey asked people to assess their own behaviour. 21% of russians rated themselves as mostly evil. Others responded that although they considered themselves to be good, they do not understand why their loved ones consider them evil.

So on the mark!

Anonymous said...

Sucks to be Russian

China’s claims to Russia’s Far East are fact-based and indisputable. The thoughts of some Chinese nationalists are focused on a particular Russian city—one famous for its sea cucumbers, a popular Chinese delicacy.

In China, the far-eastern #Russian city of #Vladivostok has been known traditionally as #Haishenwai, meaning “sea-cucumber bay”. More to the point, as these patriots point out, it was once ruled by #China.

Amid the flourishing of Russia-China ties—said in a joint statement on March 22nd to have reached their “highest level in history”—a few Chinese have dared to recall how their country ceded vast swathes of territory, including Vladivostok, to the tsarist empire back in the 19th century. In the past month they have fumed on social media over the “unequal treaties” that wrested away this land.

Chinese maps from the 13th century show the area around Vladivostok as Yongmingcheng, and to this day the port itself is still called Hǎishēnwǎi alongside the Russian imperial name of Vladivostok. It is notable that public discourse on decolonization regularly avoids any mention of Russia’s continuing colonial occupation.

Chinese (and Korean) claims over the Russian Far East are significant. There was a substantial Chinese population in the Russian Far East until Soviet mass deportation to China; ethnic cleansing of the Far East peaked in the 1930s.

Before the Russian revolution, the Chinese made up 41% of the registered labor force in the then Amur and Primorsk oblasts. The actual number was likely higher as many Chinese did seasonal cross-border work as day laborers. Ethnic Russians were likely the minority, which is what drove Stalin, as always, to select the inhumane policy of mass expulsion to guarantee Russian supremacy.

Russia is rotting, giving China a huge range of options with its declining neighbor. If current trends persist, China can reasonably expect its old territories to one day fall into its lap. Chinese leaders may well have a better understanding of Russian decline than their Western counterparts.

Russia is not a superpower but is treated as a superpower, as a reminder - Russian GDP is only nine times greater than the revenues of the American retailer Costco. While he Chinese population is 10 times that of Russia. Chinese adjusted national wealth is more than 5.5 times that of Russia), the Communist party (CCP) is getting cheap oil and gas from Putin’s regime while helping to prop up a large, if failing, autocracy.

There is a reason why Russia constantly threatens the use of nuclear arms; the country is an economic dwarf compared to its geographical size.

For now, Vladivostok can continue under the Russian flag with the certain knowledge that one day it’s more than likely to become Hǎishēnwǎi, a city in China once again.

Here’s to seeing the reclaiming of Hǎishēnwǎi, the soon-to-be ex Naval fleet base of the Russian regime.

Anonymous said...

Russian GDP is only nine times greater than the revenues of the American retailer Costco


Anonymous said...

So, if Bezos went to war against Russia, he would win!

Anonymous said...

A Russian R-149MA1 command and staff vehicle destroyed by units from the 3rd SSO regiment in the Donetsk region.

Ohhhhhh Noes! More Russian officers gone!

Anonymous said...

If no Russian oscars were onboard, their communication gear was.

Unless an enterprising Russian already gutted the command and control vehicle of electronics and sold it on the black market.

Anonymous said...

President Bidumb is a bad joke
People like Fred who vote for Bidumb are a bad joke


Anonymous said...

President Bidumb is a bad joke
People like Fred who vote for Bidumb are a bad joke

nearly serviceable Bradleys being cut up in Texas....
sell them to Ukraine at scrap prices, nope. cut them up...
what a fucking joke we have become
what the hell is wrong with Biden????????

Anonymous said...

what the hell is wrong with Biden????????

biden had 33 billion that congress gave him (dems and rep working together) to use, he let it expire without using it.... fact

Nothing wrong with Bidumb. He is paid off.

Give a little withhold a lot.

Anonymous said...

In 1858 the #Qing dynasty had a civil war, and Russia seized on the turmoil and seized a massive territory called Outer #Manchuria, agreed by treaty with Russia in 1860 - it surrender the territory which includes a vast coastline containing modern day #Vladivostok with it’s Russian #naval base HQ of the Pacific Fleet and nuclear submarines which depend on this port to operate anywhere in the #Pacific. When this territory reverts to China, the consequences include a catastrophic impact to resource revenues, and Russia will lose it’s only Naval HQ access point to the Pacific Ocean

The territory also includes important cities such as #Khabarovsk. This territory locks China out from access to the #SeaOfJapan and is equivalent to the size of #Ukraine. China views the 1860 treaty as a humiliation and an example of territories lost to foreign powers, and wants them back to end the humiliation.

Anonymous said...

I was in Vladivostok in February’22 - just prior to the RuZZian invasion - hadn’t previously appreciated its adjacency to N.Korea too! A weaker Russia would loose all that to China ( easier than Taiwan 🇹🇼)… & they would be completely screwed (Baltic/Black Sea compromised )

I think the fear of this territory reverting to China is what is keeping the US from fully supporting Ukraine

Russia...Sickman of 1984